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How Global Influencer Agencies are Changing the Marketing Landscape in 2023

Today, social media influencers and their associated global influencer agency are responsible for the shifts taking place in the marketing realm. Not only have consumer needs evolved significantly, but the way in which they consume content has too.

Despite this, the fundamentals of marketing continue to remain the same; telling the right story, to the right people at the right time. Instead of brands casting their messages out into the void that is the internet and hoping their target audience will latch on, they now use social media to micro-target their desired consumers and then decide how they want the brand to be perceived by them.

Here are just a few of the other ways global influencer agencies are changing the marketing landscape.

1. Generating higher ROI

In comparison to traditional advertising methods – like TV adverts and billboard advertising – influencer marketing is a low-cost marketing strategy. Through their agencies, influencers can provide specific numbers concerning engagement and sales, which brands can use to track their performance and create strategies that generate a higer ROI.

Currently, 17% of businesses allocate more than half of their yearly budget to influencer marketing and this number is only going to grow.

2. Marketing without boundaries

Influencer marketing is a way for businesses to use fresh, new, and innovative ways to connect with their target audience.

Brick and mortar stores were traditionally limited to marketing to just those who lived within the vicinity, but the introduction of influencer marketing now allows them to connect to audiences globally and in a more individualized way. Even though brands can now expand their marketing efforts to new audiences and create more unique content, it is still necessary for them to understand the importance of finding an influencer to present the right content to the right audience, so that these efforts are rewarded.

3. Lead generation

The work of global influencer marketing agencies has opened new and effective ways for consumer engagement and therefore lead generation. Modern-day consumers want to see products and services being tried and tested by their favorite influencers and when they do, more leads are generated.

There is no disputing the fact that influencers and influencer agencies are set to dominate the entire internet, as we now see their presence in a range of realms, from beauty to gaming and politics to cooking. To reiterate this, the industry itself is on a growth trajectory that is set to reach $69.92 billion by 2029.

Going forward, marketers leaning into their power are those who will propel brands to new heights and generate the most successful outcomes from both a creative and business perspective. Influencers and their respective global influencer marketing agencies will rewrite the course of marketing history, and this is only the beginning.



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