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Picuki: Anonymous Instagram Editor and Viewer

There are many social media platforms available today, but Instagram is one of the most popular. The app offers a variety of features that users appreciate, but some drawbacks exist as well.

The Instagram profile picture cannot be viewed or downloaded without an account. The Instagram story viewer cannot be accessed without an account either. You can also choose a fancy font style for your Instagram profile.

There is no need to worry; online tools for viewing Instagram can give you these features for free.

The best option, according to us, was Picuki after reviewing a few websites.

Picuki – what is it?

Picuki: Anonymous Instagram Editor and Viewer

Ig post viewer, Instagram story viewer, and Instagram web viewer are all aspects of pickuki. The extension enables us to access features that aren’t available in the main application.

pickuki Instagram is also known as Pickuki. There are many reasons why users enjoy browsing this website.

You can easily use it. It offers a variety of free services and is completely free to use.

What other Google search terms do people use to find it?

pickuki spelling is frequently misunderstood by users. Pucuki, picuoki, picoki, pickuki, picuiki, picucki, pocuki, or pickoci are some examples of spellings people search for on Google.

Without signing up, you can view Instagram

Instagram content can be viewed without creating an account or logging in with pickuki. If you want to explore the extensive content of Picu ki, just type “pickuki” into any search engine website, such as Google.

In order to use Instagram, you must sign in.

Anonymously viewing Instagram stories.

Picuki: Anonymous Instagram Editor and Viewer

With Picu ki search or pickuki, you can view any profile’s Instagram stories anonymously. As a consequence, pickuki won’t leave a trace on Instagram after viewing someone’s Instagram story.

Creating an Instagram account, however, is the first step. Viewing any story will result in your name being listed on the viewer’s list.

With a Picu ki account, you can view the Instagram profile picture in full size and download it in its original quality.

Viewing someone’s full Instagram profile picture isn’t possible on Instagram. Downloading it is not even possible.

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What is method for downloading Instagram posts and videos?

It is possible to download Ig posts and videos using pickuki. The image can be downloaded by searching for the username, visiting the account, and clicking on the download icon.

Posts and videos on Instagram cannot be downloaded. There, you can download the story of your choice.

Video and Photo Editing: What Do I Need to Know?

You can edit your photos and videos with pickuki. There are many things you can do with photography, such as editing your photos, adding filters, and changing the background.

On Instagram, this option is not available. If you want to change the filter for an image while posting it to your feed, you have to do that while posting it.

Ensure the hashtags and caption are copied

You can copy captions and hashtags in pickuki. The app is extremely helpful when using this feature.

This feature is not available in the main Instagram app. Caption and hashtag are the only visible parts.

What is the process of using it?

Picuki: Anonymous Instagram Editor and Viewer

A similar function to Instagram’s search engine is provided by It is generally possible to stalk Instagram through this site in two ways.

Method 1: Searching for accounts

  • The steps below will guide you through using this site.
  • Click on to visit the official website.
  • Your browser will display the following page. Type the username of your Instagram account into the search bar.
  • An account list will appear after that.
  • By clicking on the desired account, you can select it.
  • You will be able to create your account.

2nd Method: Using hashtags

  • See the Instagram post with the desired hashtag by following the steps below.
  • The official Picu ki website can be accessed at Picu
  • Click “search” and “search icon” and enter the hashtag you would like to see.
  • This list shows the hashtags.
  • By tapping the hashtag, you can view it.

Picuki is anonymous, right?

That’s right. The identity of Pickuki is completely unknown. It is possible to view and post anonymous Instagram stories using this IG viewer.

Instagram is accessible without an account. Consequently, you can view Instagram profiles and accounts on websites such as Pickuki.

Picuki’s alternative website

If Pickuki isn’t functioning when you need it right away, there may be times when you need it. It is possible that no results will be received. You can use alternative websites in such cases.

There is an alternative website called This website offers all of Pickuki’s services.

Picuki is a unique website, what makes it so?

  • The feature sets it apart from others. An example or two follows.
  • Without even signing in with your Instagram ID, you can download unique Instagram posts.
  • You can also view the user history of that person if you find this interesting.
  • Nothing can be seen by anyone.
  • Looking through downloaded posts is safe with Picu ki.
  • Using the Instagram app with this website is a great idea.

Downloading Instagram photos and videos is easy and safe with Picu ki.

  • Videos and posts can easily be downloaded. To download posts, follow these steps:
  • You can use any web browser to access Pic
  • Enter the username into the search bar on the following page.
  • You will see a list of accounts that match your search.
  • Click on the desired account to select it.
  • By clicking on the desired post, you will be able to select it.
  • You can then download the posts.

Photo editing at

Online photo editing is only possible with Pickuki, a free Instagram viewer. It is possible to edit the images by adjusting the saturation, colors, hue, background, brightness, and exposure, and then you can download and save them.

The steps to editing photos are as follows:

  • The desired image will be opened by
  • The Edit option will appear.
  • The following page provides all the options for changing the image.

Picuki stopped working for some reason?

Technical problems occasionally cause it to stop working.

You can use another web-viewer, such as if the one provided does not work.

Is this available as an app?

An app is not available for Pickuki. The Playstore will not allow you to download such apps. It is only available online at the moment.

Is there anything I can’t do on this website?

Pickuki does not allow you to do certain activities. All of them are listed below.

  • Posting images and videos is not allowed.
  • Post a comment on someone’s blog.
  • The act of liking someone’s post.
  • Anyone can be tagged.
  • A story should be included.
  • Anyone can message you.
  • Let your friends know about your posts and videos.
  • Become a part of the live event.

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Final thoughts

This article discussed Picu ki, an Instagram viewer and editor.

Additionally, we talked about the tool’s various features and applications, as well as how to see, see, download, and play posts, stories, videos, and images.

Since you’re aware of this, Picu ki lets you access Instagram features you can’t through the main app.

It would be great if you could share the information above with your friends and family if you found it to be interesting and helpful.

If you still need help, here is a video tutorial:

Here are some frequently asked questions

Q. Picuki is legal to use, right?

A. That’s right. It is absolutely secure, legal, and authorized to use Pickuki.

Q. Does this have a high level of security?

A. It’s true. There is no need to worry when using Pickuki. Cookies are not set or permissions are not requested during use. Your device is also completely safe.

Q. Can I block someone?

A. In fact, yes. People can be blocked using it. By selecting the three-dotted menu on the Instagram profile, you can do this. Selecting “Block” will allow you to suspend the account.

Q. Picuki costs how much?

A. It’s true. This application is completely free to use. Installation, logging in, or subscription are not required for this tool.

Q. Does the red key (private account) exist?

A. Unfortunately, no. You cannot view private accounts with this tool. Anonymous viewing is available only for public accounts. A number of famous actors and actresses have mostly public accounts on social media.

Q. What will people think when they see it?

A. Not at all. An entirely anonymous identity is provided by this website. In other words, this tool will not provide you with an identity. Without the other person’s knowledge, you can view their posts, profile pictures, and stories.

Q. Can Picuki be downloaded on a mobile device?

A. There is no way. Picuki does not have an app for mobile devices. It’s nothing special. It’s just an online website. In the Google Play store, there is no such app. All search engines provide access to it. There is no need for additional space, which is a good sign.



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