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Reason To Become A HGV Driver In 2023

Several reasons make becoming an HGV driver an excellent choice. In addition to being plentiful, HGV driver jobs can help someone land a job at an organization they are interested in joining. For more information about HGV Driver Training visit our site We will explore in this article the reasons to become a HGV driver in 2022.

1. Many jobs are available

When looking for a job, it is important to consider whether it will provide you with enough work to sustain yourself. Well, you’ll have a wide variety of driving jobs to choose from once you have your HGV license. As well as this, we are also considering a future-proof job, as the demand for HGV drivers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! There may even be some benefit to the digital age, since most people now order online, which means more deliveries are necessary!

2. Earning potential is high

As an HGV driver, you can make decent money! Drivers of HGVs who work full-time, and are fully qualified, can earn upwards of £30,000 per year. When you work as an independent contractor, your salary is not restricted by the salary the company assigns you.

3. It’s not too expensive to get in

It is not as expensive as you might imagine to take a HGV driving lesson if you don’t already have a valid license. Take a look at what quotes are available and shop around. As an HGV driver, you will also need a HGV licence, which again isn’t too expensive when you consider the potential earnings.

4. This role offers a variety

Choosing to work for a company or going it alone as a self-employed individual is up to you. The advantages and disadvantages of both are equal. Independent contractors have the freedom to choose their own hours, although they may be eligible for company bonuses and paid holidays if they work for a company. We don’t drive the same way every day to keep things interesting! Depending on the job, you may be required to travel to all sorts of locations, sometimes completing long-distance treks will be the order of the day, while other times you may need to move locally.

5. Choice of hours

Different people have different lifestyles and different responsibilities that need to be taken into account. As a result, not everyone is suited to a 9-5 work schedule. As an HGV driver, you would be able to choose hours that fit in with your other commitments. It’s an extremely flexible job that fits your lifestyle.

6. Having to drive a large vehicle

In the event that you’ve always wanted to be behind the wheel of a massive truck, or you’re passionate about driving, and in particular, large vehicles, then this will, of course, be the position for you!

7. Freedom of work

There are many people who find office jobs or other jobs that require long periods of sitting comfortably. While some feel too restricted and would prefer a more liberating job, others feel too restricted. When you drive an HGV, not only will you be able to get out and about, but you will also be in control, without any managers standing over you and questioning your every move.

8. Getting paid to travel

As an HGV driver, you would have to travel during your workday. As a result, you will have the opportunity to explore some locations you may not have been to before, revisit places you like, and experience ever-changing scenery while earning a living!

9. Job security

It is unlikely that this industry will change any time soon, as stated in the previous point. It is always in demand to hire a good driver who is qualified and possesses a valid professional HGV license. This is a nice and smart move in this ever-changing world to be involved with a role that provides job security. Some industries cannot say that with as much confidence, so it is nice and smart to be involved with one that does. Likewise, HGV driving is not an industry that fluctuates as much as others when it comes to the service needs – the demand for the service is steady.

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