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Important things to know before buying roller skates

If you really love skating, you will definitely need to buy your own roller skates. It is true that renting is always an option, but you can’t keep counting on it forever. Renting a pair of roller skates is not really costly, but you will always have to pay whenever you hit the rink or want to go for an outdoor adventure. And the rental cost will increase from time to time. It goes without saying that they will never be available to you at any time. So, generally, rented roller skates are not really the answer to your needs. Instead, you can buy roller skates in Australia and keep your favourite pair with you all the time.

So, if you are used to renting your roller skates, you might feel a bit confused when trying to buy your first pair. You should not buy the first glamorous pair you come across. It is important to determine a few things before you go shopping or browse online for items.

Things to consider before buying roller skates

Ending up with the right skates depends primarily on the type or style of roller skating you are into. If you want to focus on artistic or jam skating, you will need different skates than vert skating. Also, derby skaters would have different requirements for their skates compared to dancing skaters.

Quad vs. inline roller skates

This is one of the most basic matters when it comes to buying your skates. Each type of roller skate can fit the needs of specific types of skaters. Here is the core difference between both types:

Quad roller skates

These skates have the classic design of roller skates. The wheels are disturbed in the original way, with two in the front and the other two in the back. Each wheel set sits side by side, which makes the wheel configuration look like the one in a car. These skates feature two brakes; one at the toe and the other one is in the front.

Quad skates are a top option for skating newbies. They are also the best skates for dance or artistic skating. These skates allow skaters to enjoy more balance and stability compared to inline skates.

Inline skates

These skates also go by the name of rollerblades. They are made for more experienced skaters and fulfil the needs of long distance skating or skating adventures outside the rink. They offer more speed and better maneuverability. Some inline skates feature a brake system in one of the rears, but this is not a very common feature in rollerblades. The design of inline skates features all the wheels sitting in the same line. The inline skates have five wheels. Sometimes, they can be 3, or standard 4.

Do you need soft or hard boots?

This is another important question that needs a straightforward answer from you. The hard or soft part is determined based on your preference. Each type offers perks that make it a great choice for specific skaters. For instance, if you want to skate for a long distance at high speeds, a hard boot can be your match. If you are looking for better flexibility and maneuverability, then a softer boot will be the right fit. Artistic skaters love soft boots, while adventurous skaters adore hard-skating boots.

Proper maintenance for roller skates

Another important factor to consider is your ability to maintain your skates. This is something you need to learn and to practise to keep your skates in great shape. For instance, you need to watch out for wear and tear signs on the wheels. This means the necessity of replacing them. Also, if your boots’ leather needs special care, like polishing or conditioning, you need to do it to guarantee its longevity.



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