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Hire Skips From Large to Mini skips, can be used for many different things.

Mini skips can be rented for a range of domestic and professional tasks. They are well-liked by residential consumers who only require a small skip for a quick undertaking. They are typically used for little-garbage-generated projects like kitchen and bathroom renovations and lawn clean-ups.

Hire skips from large to Mini skips were previously largely used for residential projects, but since legislation allowing the dumping of plasterboard together with other waste materials was amended, their use at commercial sites has significantly increased and they are now known as the AOT skip bins. Along with larger skips that will be utilized for the remaining rubbish, smaller skips made exclusively for plasterboard debris can be rented.

Mini Skips’ sizes

The smallest skip sizes are known as mini skips, and they typically come in two sizes: two yards and three yards. Some businesses also refer to the 4-yard midi skip as the little skip. Black trash bags can be stored in a two-yard small skip for roughly 25 bags, while 35 bags can fit in a three-yard mini skip.

How much does renting a small skip cost?

Renting a 2-yard mini skip for £80 is a fairly affordable option to get rid of your rubbish. Rates vary by region in the UK, with significantly higher prices being typical in London and the South of England. If you position your tiny skip on your own land, you won’t need a permit, which can help keep the hire costs down. If you place the skip on council land, you will need a permit, which may cost more than £50. To discover out how much a small skip will cost in your area, request a quotation.

Why would you make use of a tiny skip?

Low-cost alternatives – Because mini skips are smaller and less expensive than larger skips, they are typically one of the most affordable garbage disposal solutions available. Due to their smaller capacity, mini skips are less expensive to rent than construction and maxi skips. Skip rental companies must pay to dispose of any waste that cannot be recycled.

Skip rental is environmentally good because most businesses recycle more than 80% of their waste, and in many cases, a skip’s entire contents can be recycled. Mini skip rentals are made possible by the fact that suppliers of skips frequently offer recycled materials like metals.

Mini skips, as their name suggests, are the infants of the skipping world, and their small size can be a great asset when space is at a premium. If you place a skip on your property, you can avoid paying a skip-hiring municipal permission fee, which can help keep your trash disposal costs down. Tiny skips are perfect for homes with limited space because they are so small and take up so little space.

Most businesses lease a mini skip for seven days. This implies that after a tiny skip is delivered to your address, you have seven days to fill it. You have plenty of time to get rid of the trash whenever it’s convenient for you because of this.


Mini skip bins are becoming more and more common in Australia and for good reason. A compact skip is a perfect choice when you have a small amount of rubbish and need to get rid of it promptly.



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