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The Benefits of Wire Rope Sealer

The safety and lifespan of wire ropes are both improved by lubrication. When done properly, it lubricates the interior wires and core as well as the external surfaces. Proper lubrication reduces friction and guards against corrosion when different wires rub against one another. The use of wire rope sealer, however, may be challenging. Using a drop, brush, spatula, or rubber glove to manually lubricate machinery is a filthy, time-consuming, and occasionally dangerous maintenance task.

An enormously superior substitute is the Viperwrl Wire String Lubricator. The long-lasting wire rope lubricant from LE removes the time-consuming and labor-intensive task of hand lubrication while also delivering more thorough results by being applied under high pressure (up to 5,500 psi) directly to the wire rope’s core.

The benefits of Viper far outweigh the drawbacks of manual application methods.

Fast and effective wire rope lubricating in a single pass

  • The Sealer procedure is sped up and made simpler.
  • Up to 1.2 miles per hour, lubricates (2,000 metres per hour).
  • It minimizes downtime.
  • Increases equipment availability

Manual lubrication is no longer used.

  • improves security
  • decreases mess and leaks
  • lessens the lubrication required

High-flow and high-pressure grease pump

  • It is certain that grease will penetrate.
  • The rope core is freed of moisture.
  • It offers total covering even with very large ropes.

The principal rope diameters are compatible

  • Viper Mid MK II is used to lubricate ropes with diameters ranging from 5/16 in (8 millimeters) to 2-5/8 in (67 millimeters)
  • Ropes up to 165 mm in diameter can be lubricated by Viper Maxi MK II.
  • Ropes between 15/64 in (6mm) to 1 13/32 in diameter can be lubricated by the Viper Mini MK II (36mm)
  • One can order specific units.

What does the Viper Cable String Lubricator actually perform, and how does it work with other devices?

A lubricator collar assembly of the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator housing polyurethane seals made for a specific wire rope size. The assembly is then wrapped in the rope and fixed in position after that. The rope is then dragged through the collar after that. The steel scraper plates preserve the seals by smoothing them out before adding new lubrication, cleaning the rope by removing dirt, debris, and old lubricant from it, and cleaning the rope.

The high-pressure, high-flow grease pump delivers the lubricant, forcing it between the wire rope strands and into the wire rope core. As a result, the cable has good lubrication, with the external strands only having a thin lubricant layer.


In addition to lubricating wire ropes, LE is happy to offer lubricant and reliability recommendations for a variety of industries and applications, as well as product-specific statistics on all of our products to help you make the best decision. If you have any questions about the Viper Wire Rope Sealer or any other lubricant reliability solutions offered by LE, including upgraded lubricant training, lubricants, filtration, oil analysis, breathers, lube rooms, sight glasses, or other lubricant reliability solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



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