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European Improvement or Disorders

Nowadays, the situation in the European Union is getting more and more complicated each day. Lots of actions brought the union into a distressful situation. An energetic problem caused other spheres into chaos. Inflation does its work better than any war. Moreover, the situation in Balkan is getting less stabilizing and can bring the war right in the middle of the European Union. The consequences can lead to the worst options. If you are checking all the recent news and want to cheer up then join Jeux DE black jack en ligne and test your luck there. 

European Reflection

The well-known Thomas Piketty, who is a French economist, reflects on whether the EU can improve its position in a changing environment. He emphasizes that maintaining the EU’s ties with the US makes sense only if it is possible to obtain autonomy. In fact, it recognizes that at the moment the EU is subordinate to the US. 

At the same time, Piketty argues. The EU must offer a different model based on a more equitable distribution of wealth, more democratic, and more sustainable. Otherwise, the West will not be able to look convincing in its declared crusade against autocracies. He calls for explicitly stating the shortcomings of the democratic model from the West to work and overcome. Such as punishing not only autocracies for their use of force but also punishing the US for its war crimes in Iraq and elsewhere. Further, he gives another example from which one can see who dictated the narrative to Soviet propaganda at one time. He mentions that the US Supreme Court considered slavery and racial discrimination legal for two centuries. 

Also, according to Piketty, the fact that all the media on both sides of the Atlantic is controlled by a handful of billionaires. It cannot be considered as the media that shows freedom. The West, in his opinion, should stop cooperating with cannibalistic regimes for the sake of earning a couple of extra dollars. He goes on to say that the lack of any effective sanctions against Russian oligarchs is explained. The fact that if you highlight the real owners of assets, this will hit Western financial institutions. When the PRC attacked the election system in Hong Kong, the EU’s only reaction was to sign a new treaty that would make the movement of capital even easier. Then, he moves on to the main conclusion for which he wrote the article, that if the West does not offer a solution then South China can provide its own and unite all its parts.

Eventually, life is getting harder, and when it might end nobody knows. 



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