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Do a Barrel Roll 20 Times? Google Search Games

In today’s digital world, Google offers a wide range of games and tricks. Search engines offer this feature as one of their best entertainment features. There are several experiments you can conduct using Google other than just searching for information. Many people are unaware of this.

Among the many fun-filled entertainment options is “the barrel roll.”. Performing it 10 times, 20 times, or 100 times is certainly one way to make it fun. Many people don’t know how to do the barrel roll stunt, which has become increasingly popular on Twitter and other platforms. Google displays search results on a spinning web page using a barrel roll technique. During the loading process, the user’s screen will spin continuously.

As if it’s completing a barrel roll, the page will spin clockwise according to your browser. A barrel roll 20 times is usually asked how long it takes. For performing a barrel roll, 100 times, will take approximately 1 minute 40 seconds, while 20 times will take precisely 20 seconds.

The following steps can be followed to perform a barrel roll

  • For more information about barrel rolling, please visit Goglogo (
  • In order to create a customized barrel roll page, you must enter your name above.
  • A barrel roll can then be performed an unlimited number of times.
  • After selecting the Google logo style, perform do 20 barrel rolls rotation by pressing on the start rotation.

One must follow the same steps to perform 100-barrel rolls.

Leisure time is usually sufficient for you to complete these tasks. Some people use these tasks as a form of therapy, while others don’t know about them. The game is still played and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. When it was trending, this trick was the most searched term on the platforms.

On the Nintendo 64, the word do a barrel roll 20 times first appeared in Star Fox. When both L and R buttons are tapped twice, Super Nintendo defenders are allowed to perform a barrel roll.

As you can see from the screenshot above, Google still has a sense of humor with the “Do a Barrel roll” game. The game adds another layer of fun to the Google home page, just like “Google” spruces up the home page. The Barrel Roll game may not be compatible with your browser, however.

There seems to be no better browser than Firefox and Chrome. Among Google’s silly or secret features, this feature is one of the most popular.

To do a barrel roll, visit in your browser

In order to see another “easter egg”, try searching for ‘askew’. This tilts the page slightly off-center so it looks different.

It can also be viewed on YouTube, which demonstrates it well.

A barrel rolled 100 times is equivalent to:

It backflips the page 100 times when you do a barrel roll 100 times. The only thing you need to do is run it, sit on the chair, and watch the page spin. It is far away to search here. Even if you cannot click the links on the given pages, it will be too fast. In order to stop it 100 times, you have two options: close the web page or use the back button in the browser. If you want to go to barrel roll 100 

As previously described, the process is the same for times pages. You have to select 100 times from the drop-down menu.

Many people around the world are unfamiliar with the barrel roll, but it gained popularity during the early dogfighting days in the 1920s. The phrase do a barrel roll comes from the 1997 video game star for 64, which is mentioned above in the know your meme.

Furthermore, if you search for any query other than “Do a barrel roll,” it will not create a barrel roll effect on the result page and serve the result normally. Performing a barrel roll on Google is the only website that allows you to do so an infinite number of times.


1. Is it possible to roll a barrel 20 times?

The answer is to do a barrel roll 20 times. There is no limit to how many times you can roll the Google barrel. Whenever you need to do a backflip or press R or Z twice, just follow the instructions.

2. Is there a best way to use Google?

Google tricks, sometimes referred to as Google games, are some of the best tricks on the internet. The following are listed:

Play Atari Breakout, Pacman, Flip A Coin, Google gravity, Google sphere, Google sky, Thanos, Joey Tribianni, and Google gravity 20 times.

To enjoy the maximum level of entertainment, each of these games can be played in your free time.

3. Do you know how long it takes to do a Google barrel roll 20 times?

The Google barrel rolls at a pretty fast speed. To do the Google barrel roll ten times, it will take approximately 10-15 seconds.

You will need approximately 20-25 seconds to do a Google barrel 20 times. You must also bear 200 to 250 seconds to perform a barrel roll x200.

Final thoughts:

We wanted to know what would happen if you did a barrel roll a million times rather than 20 times. No one has the time to see the barrel roll for the millionth time until the end, however. There is nothing interesting about this barrel roll game. Since it is done during leisure time, it is only for entertainment. It is therefore necessary to keep sharing this trick with other people as well.



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