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Pockit Self Storage Review: Pros & Cons Of The Business

Pockit self storage in Canada is a modern company which always provides a space where you can be confident storing your  belongings, to ensure that your possessions remain safe and secure. They also offer security features including video monitoring, a fully-fenced facility, and after-hours security personnel. 

Throughout business hours, you can call or visit if you need additional assistance.Now the question is how do you know whether the company is really good or not? It is extremely important to check the privacy policy, payment policy and what tools they are providing before deciding whether this storage company is the right fit for you.

The easiest way to understand whether Pockit storage is the right one to take care of your belongings will be to map out the pros and cons of the company and then compare them. They not only store substances but also sell a large range of boxes, locks, and packaging materials as well. 

About The Company

Pockit self storage is a company that offers a variety of storage options to meet both individual and commercial needs. They even offer 24-hour access, a climate-controlled unit that maintains a predetermined temperature range to shield your possessions from the extremes of cold, heat, and humidity. 

They are extremely conscious about security and provide individual alarm systems for each room. Pockit is one of the largest self-storage companies in Canada, and they provide options for both indoor and outdoor storage.

They also provide self-storage units in Winnipeg, and their website offers the quickest and most convenient way to reserve a unit so you can choose the ideal one for your storage needs. The company doesn’t have an electrical outlet, so if you need one, please get in touch with one of their storage consultants, who can analyse your needs. 

They have a monthly basis agreement signing of which is completed prior to move-in and are extremely customer friendly. They are very much concerned about the needs of their client.


This company makes sure not to make their customers unhappy at all. Their list of pros is what makes them so customer friendly. 

  • Just like other top self storage companies Pockit also has electric doors and gates with keypad controlled entry. Not only that there is watched video monitoring, fenced and well-lit facilities, personal door alarms, and high-security unit locks that may be purchased individually.
  • They provide a cost-effective tenant insurance enrolment scheme with coverage up to $20,000 for your convenience.
  • They accept several different forms of payment, including pre-authorized payments, checks, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • For professionals, they provide business storage solutions so you may safely store and conveniently retrieve your materials, supplies, and documents as needed.
  • Many of their locations offer climate-controlled storage units, which maintain a set temperature range to protect your belongings from extreme cold, heat, and humidity.
  • For all of your shredding requirements, turn to Pockit self storage in Canada as they can keep and shred all of your personal documents as well. If you want to destroy them all and get a certificate of destruction in exchange as well this company is the right fit.
  • Pockit is one of the best self storage companies which provides high-quality moving and packing goods at competitive prices. Not only that, they even assure their customers about a timely delivery.


Now, we all know no company is all perfect. Just like that Pockit also has some cons as well. 

  • The first one in the list will be they don’t allow to store anything COMBUSTIBLE (e.g., paint thinner, gasoline, solvents, or paint).
  • They are extremely strict with payment. Monthly rent is always due on the first of every month, with a nine-day grace period. If you take more time than the grace period then there is collection of a late fees.

So Is Pockit Self Storage A Good Option?

All companies have pros and cons. It is your job to consider both the pros and cons and decide if the company is a good one or not. In case of Pockit Self Storage we have seen it is one of the best self storage companies with self storage units in Winnipeg as well. 

It has so many pros that it seems to overshadow the minimum amount of cons they have. In such a situation the advice would be that Pockit self storage definitely deserves a chance.



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