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Xresolver: What Is Xresolver And Best Alternatives

l In today’s fast-paced world, there are a number of ways to find out how a particular individual’s IP address is determined. A method that works is to use the Gamertag associated with the person and search for the IP address on xResolver. It is always fun to play games on Xbox and PlayStation since Gamertags are assigned and you can play both new and old games.

Can you explain what xResolver is and how it relates to Xbox and PlayStation? You can replace xResolver with seven alternatives presented in this article, which will address these questions.

In what way does xResolver work?

Simply put, an Xbox resolver or xResolver (also known as PlayStation resolver) is a web-based database that stores IP addresses. Moreover, it has an IP address based on the Gamertag of gamers. On their website, they claim they are a ‘Gamertag to IP address solver’ for gamers who play Xbox, PlayStation, and computers frequently.

The Xbox resolver in xResolver scrapes details such as an Xbox player’s username and IP address, as well as their ISP address, using bots.

xResolver’s PlayStation resolver can run similar functions on Sony’s PlayStation, which is a component of it. As well as identifying if your fellow player is a hacker, this site can provide you with your personal information to potential hackers and alert you to imminent DDoS attacks. Nevertheless, the site claims that it can:

  • Disclosing the information is not illegal because it is open to the public. The use of this information depends on how it is utilized, however.
  • By requesting that your Gamertag and other personal information be blocked from being charged, you won’t have to pay the website. There is no point in doing this.
  • What Is xResolver and How Does It Work?

The user interface of xresolver is unique and user-friendly. Despite being extremely user-friendly, it is suitable for novices as well. In order to simplify the dashboard, xresolver was designed by the designer. You don’t need to perform any complicated steps in order to use the xresolver. The following guidelines are important if you’ve encountered problems with xresolver.

  • Visit the official website of
  • Now, you can choose between Xbox Resolver and PlayStation Resolver.
  • Once you have that “IP address”, you can change it into an Xbox gamer tag.
  • Using the “Xbox gamer tag” as an IP address is as simple as entering it.
  • Next, click “Resolve.” Once that’s done, click on the “Resolve” button.

I would like to verify that both methods of Resolve are identical to use after Resolve has been completed. You can instantly convert Username to IP form once you type in Username and click resolve. The Xbox gamer tag is automatically converted to IP format when you enter it.

xResolver alternatives: 7 of the best

If you don’t want to use a VPN service, there is always Internet access. With internet access, you can access a variety of websites that can capture your IP address. You will be able to play safe and secure games that would otherwise be disrupted by hackers by using these alternatives. The following are some alternatives:


By filtering out packets and encrypting usernames, this website extracts user information. In PlayStation games, the IP address is connected to the name. Additionally, it allows you to download packets from Xbox games. Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 5 are all compatible with this game.

As well as offering ongoing support and informative tutorials, this service is moderately priced and easy to set up and use. One of the benefits of xResolver is its ability to protect against malware.


By collecting the IP addresses of Xbox consoles, this website boots other players to allow them to win. In order to win an online game, what can you do? To knock the other player off the game, you need his IP address to launch an attack.

In order to avoid unhealthy competition, the site offers detailed instructions on how you can boot a gamer by obtaining his IP address. Users are forced to go offline as a result of layers four and seven attacks.

PS4 Booter

There is a similar booting method employed by this website and its equivalent, Xboxonebooter. IP numbers are collected, pulled, and then booted for PS4 users. You can use this PS4 booter to start-up, up offline users, using your PS4 console.

Also, it teaches you how to make use of VPNs on the PS4 since they allow you to play games from multiple countries, decrease delay, and guard against DDoS attacks.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

There is an open-source network that hosts a database of Gamertags on the website/app. Using their databases, they can assist you in identifying any specific Gamertag or username. Gamertags/usernames, IP addresses, and more details are searched for by numerous bots on the internet.

Since it is online, it is public and therefore legal to discover. The Lanc PCPS utilizes resolver platforms to handle Xbox Gamertags and PSN usernames. With it, you can pull IP addresses from PCs, Xboxes, and PlayStation Networks for free.


There are some cons, such as only being compatible with Windows computers, and not being able to run single-player games. They will explain the pros and cons in plain English. Changes to a game’s software aren’t needed by the IP puller because the game’s software doesn’t need to be jailbroken or hacked.

After making a purchase, they begin providing a 20-year support service that can be paid for through Visa bitcoins, Visa, or Paypal. The VPN-enabled application is compatible with all consoles.

IP Location Finder

Using this website, you can find out what IP address is currently being used. There is a search bar on the left that shows results for IP addresses hosting sites, hosts, or IP addresses. Besides your location, it also shows the timezone, latitude longitude, your internet service provider, and the area in which you live.

A site called What is my IP address also provides IP addresses (IPv6 or IPv4). Additionally, they will tell you the internet service provider, the hostname, the country, the region, the state, the city, the area code, and the approximate location of your IP address. Your IP address can also be concealed by following the instructions they provide.


With their algorithms, you can immediately share Xbox footage and screenshots with other gamers using Gamertags. A variety of additional details are readily available, including IP addresses and geolocations. This is an open-source, free game site that offers a wide range of titles.

Resolver’s cautions

With IP addresses and booting attacks or DDoS readily available, it’s not just a game anymore, and one must ensure their security in the real world as well. You can avoid the dark side of the force by following these steps:

  • The use of a VPN and the ability to hide your IP address can make it safe to play games online.
  • Be aware of hackers by keeping an eye on Gamertags for hacker activity in order to reap the benefits of competition.
  • Make sure you don’t pay any website to remove or blocklist your Gamertag. Please keep in mind that the information you provide is public. In the event that one website decides to remove it, then it is difficult to determine how it will affect another.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the legal ramifications of using Xresolver?

In terms of technical aspects, it is permissible to use Xresolver. Due to the fact that it collects public data, this is the case. The public access to gamers’ information, however, usually raises concerns for most of them. Due to the fact that private information is taken, some refer to it as “illegal”.

Q. How does it work if my IP address is registered with Xresolver?

Your IP address can be removed from the saved logs for $12.99 if you pay a service fee. You will feel more secure while playing online if you do this.



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