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What is Rainbow Writing?

Rainbow writing is a creative way to write using colors. It uses different colors in the spectrum to create words and sentences. Rainbow writing is used often in kid’s books, youth publications, and children’s magazines. This technique can be used in any kind of lettering or art project, like drawing or painting with watercolors.

There are many ways to color code rainbow writie depending on how you want to use it. You can choose one specific color for each word, or mix the colors together with one word per line. The possibilities are endless!

Rainbow Writing

I have always thought it would be fun to color code my writing. If I write a few words in a row using a specific color, the letters will eventually form a rainbow. I decided to test out rainbow writing with just a few words. This is what I came up with: This is Rainbow Write in action. Notice how the letters start to form a rainbow, just from using a few basic colors.

Next, I decided to color code my entire blog. I started by writing some letters in white. I chose my favorite four colors and put one color on each letter. Then, I took one color from each letter and put them into one continuous chain. I repeated this pattern until I had written every single letter.

How to do Rainbow Writing?

A sheet of white paper (cut a large sheet of paper if you need). Multiple colored pens (either a box of 24 colored pencils or 16-18 colors in one set). A couple pieces of tape to line up the points of your paper. Lighter colored pieces of tape, such as black, so you don’t get streaks when you color in the corners. Colored pencils. Markers, chalk, or crayons (optional). A ruler and pencil.

Start with a color, such as red. All you need to do is make a dot right in the center of the sheet of paper. If you’re making a letter, make a dot somewhere between the leading and the trailing ends of the writing space. The most important part of this process is to find a good spot in the center for your first color dot.

Why use Rainbow Writing?

Rainbow writing uses two colors: Red and Yellow. Red and Yellow are basic primary colors. Any color that has more than two levels of saturation (for example, pink, red, and yellow) are considered primary colors. Other colors are secondary colors, but not primary. These colors are mostly used as accents or accents to primary colors.

Rainbow write is used as an art form in many different types of media, including: In 2012, an elementary school in Washington state designed a t-shirt with rainbow write on it. The shirt says “My parents love me no matter what,” which is based on the idea that a kid should not have to hide her gay identity in order to feel accepted by her family.

When should you use Rainbow Writing?

Rainbow writing is for people who love to add creative writing tips and ideas to their artwork or documents. You can use it as a creative writing prompt to help you get your creative juices flowing, or you can use it to form stories that include a whole rainbow.

It is essential to be cautious using this technique. Rainbow write can also be very dangerous and can cause emotional distress. It is important to always have another adult in the room while you work on it to make sure you are keeping it safe.

What are the colors of Rainbow Writing?

Rainbow writing uses the rainbow color spectrum, so it is not a rainbow that is visible with the naked eye, but we can still see the full spectrum of colors using a microscope or binoculars. Rainbow colors represent all the colors of the light spectrum. Rainbow colors also come from the division of the visible light spectrum into colors within the rainbow.

When you are staring at a full spectrum rainbow, you can only see colors that fall along the edge of the circle. Also, when the colors of the light come together and overlap, they blend into a new color of the spectrum. White and Red are the two lowest in the spectrum and represent the colors that the sun emits and which are not seen with the naked eye.


Rainbow writing is a wonderful technique to use when creating for young writers and it also helps you develop your own style. Rainbow write is also a perfect way to go green with these kids’ first books. So there are several reasons to try this fabulous new writing technique right now!



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