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7 Tips for the Perfect Yacht Wedding

A yacht wedding is one of the best ways to marry the love of your life. It is a very luxurious event and can be made very intimate. Many yacht rentals in Dubai allow you to marry onboard. Moreover, a yacht wedding allows you to customize a lot of things according to your preferences. 

Many companies such as have wedding packages for you to choose from. However, there are several things that you must keep in mind. Therefore, we have listed all of the important elements that you must keep in mind when planning the perfect yacht wedding. 

The yacht’s location has to be one of the most significant considerations when planning a yacht wedding. You need to find the perfect location and background where you want to anchor the yacht and have the wedding. 

Moreover, you cannot have a wedding while the yacht is moving. Therefore, you should pick a spot and get it approved by the yacht rentals before booking the yacht. Further, you should spend some time finding the ideal backdrop for your wedding. All of your memorable pictures will have this backdrop. 

So, you should spend some time deciding on the perfect backdrop for the wedding. Most importantly, you can talk to the Dubai yacht charters to find the best deals to have your wedding on the water. 

  • Decor

Good decor can elevate the standards of the wedding. Having good decor is important as it helps to give a luxurious feel and look to your wedding. Moreover, yachts have a small space compared to a wedding hall. 

Therefore, you will have to choose your decor accordingly. You should also talk to the crew regarding the sitting arrangement. Further, many decor items are not allowed on a yacht as they might be a safety risk. You should consult your yacht rental company before you decide on your decor. 

Above all, remember to fix all of your decors properly. The yacht might be moving through rough seas. Therefore, fixing the decor properly will prevent items from flying around. 

  • Timing

The timing of your wedding will determine a lot of the ancillary arrangements. Therefore, you need to decide on a time for your wedding before making all the preparations. Weddings during sunset are the most popular. 

You get a splendid backdrop and it creates tons of good pictures. Moreover, you could also decide to do a wedding during the day or the night. Doing a wedding during sunset makes the most sense. 

However, you will have to arrange for good lighting as well. When the sun goes down, you will need the lighting to ensure the wedding goes successfully. 

  • Menu

You have to decide on a good menu for your wedding. You can choose as they have some of the best menus for weddings. Moreover, you can choose between booking the chef associated with the yacht rent or hiring your chef. 

Since you will be out on the waters, ensure that you have all ingredients and items you need for the perfect menu. Serving food that people can have while on the move will help you rather than serving a full formal dinner. 

  • Budget Allocation

Budget allocation plays an important role in all yacht rental weddings. You have to come up with a budget for your entire wedding. Moreover, you need to figure out how to allocate it for the different aspects of your weddings. 

Further, you can take the help of yacht rentals such as which help you come up with an estimate for all aspects of your wedding. 

  • Yacht selection

Choosing the perfect yacht is probably the most important aspect of your wedding. The yacht determines the events that you can pull offend the amenities that you get. Moreover, the number of guests you have should help you choose the best yacht.

You can talk to yacht rentals such as to find out the number of people each yacht can hold. Further, choosing the perfect yacht will help you shape your vision and make your dream wedding a reality. 

Above all, have a wide selection of yachts on offer. You can choose the one which gives you a true feeling of a luxurious wedding. 

  • Sea sickness preparations

Not everyone handles being on the sea very well. Many people fall sick and have seasickness. Therefore, you should ensure that you have prepared for these situations and have the facilities in place. 

Always have sea sickness medicine on board. You do not want your geist to be puking all the time and not be able to enjoy your wedding. Moreover, talk to the crew to keep the washroom fully stocked and clean at all times.  Most importantly, you can even ask the captain to choose a route that has calm waters to reduce sea sickness


These tips will help you choose the perfect yacht rental for your wedding. Moreover, keeping these tips in mind ensures that you do not overlook any lament od your wedding. A wedding is a significant occasion and having it on a yacht makes it memorable. 



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