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Importance of Joinpd com for learning in 2023

A live stream of official teacher presentations can be watched on JoinPD, an online platform that has a vibrant community of users. The “Joinpd com” program is a feature-rich, functional piece of software that teachers and students can use to learn. Teachers should make presentations by logging into their Join PD account and sending students the Peardeck Login Code. It may also be necessary to invite people who are based in different places.

You should know about the many exciting features that Join pd has to offer. Let’s continue reading.

JoinPD’s significance  

Academic settings have increasingly incorporated this presentation style. 

  • With the interactive function, you can ask and answer questions in real-time.
  • In order to make it suitable for universities, academies, and schools, it had to be made. 
  • It is entirely up to you if you want to create and use presentations whenever you like, distribute them to whomever you wish, and give them the kind of use you want.
  • In order to select who can view a presentation, Pear Deck accounts and codes must be used.

Peardeck’s freemium service

Freemium services are available on Pear Deck. A wide range of free tools is available for teachers and schools. Subscribing to a premium account is also an option. Using Pear Deck you can present slides and ask interactive questions at the same time. No one can hack it, so it is entirely safe.

Features that define Peardeck

This tool can help teachers in a lot of ways thanks to its many features. This is a good way for the instructor to see how the students are doing.

A tool for presenting videos

This tool makes it easy for teachers to create video presentations using Pear Deck. Knowing how to use an app or website is the key to running one. To learn how to use Pear Deck’s features, educators can access a comprehensive manual.

Teachers can create presentations and upload videos for their students using Pear Deck’s content access system. A teacher who wants to build a lesson around a new topic will need presentation templates. There are already templates in Pear Deck that can be used for this purpose, so you don’t need to go elsewhere. On the official website of the pear deck, you can see it.

A training session is offered by Pear Deck, which is open to both new and experienced educators. Those who are interested in teaching or managing are welcome to attend. Getting started can be assisted by prerecorded webinars. The following are included in these sessions:

  • There is an add-on for Google Slides called Pear Deck.
  • There was a speed boost in Google Slides thanks to Pear Deck.
  • Presentation software for Pear Deck online

Whether you are a new student or a more advanced student, there are courses above for everyone.

Learning through active participation

An excellent tool for promoting active learning is Pear Deck. Through a variety of games and exercises, Pear Deck keeps students engaged and active. “Active learning” is when students engage in class discussions and hands-on practice. 

A traditional classroom involves students sitting and taking notes. A more active learning environment led to the development of group projects.

Joinpd has many advantages for students

  1. Educators and students are welcome to attend the live presentation for free.
  2. Students receive the links to the presentations via email after the teacher creates them.
  3. Moreover, it promotes a student growth mindset and appreciation of education.
  4. The promotion of students’ social norms is also included.
  5. A student who is keenly interested in this tool may be able to use it effectively to achieve his or her goals.
  6. Students can submit answers in response to the presentation. 
  7. Using Joinpd com prevents students from making changes to their responses once the material has been presented to them.

Joinpd as a student by logging in.

  • Students who need help logging into Join pd should read this article.
  • Sign in with your Google or Microsoft account at
  • Using cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive is required.
  • Creating a Peardeck join account is required to participate in the presentation.
  • However, Peardeck will generate a join code for you once you click the Join presentation button. Student joinpd codes will be provided by teachers to each student. A Gmail invitation and a Join pd invitation are sent to each student.
  • We hope that students will be able to access the presentation quickly and easily.

Presentations: How Do I Listen?

Teachers upload presentations to joinpd.cpm and delegate students to gain access to a code that they can enter to participate in a Q&A session.

Additionally, a teacher has the authority to restrict a student’s actions and manage them.

Students’ responses cannot be revised after they have submitted them, which is one of the teachers’ favorite aspects of Join PD.


In terms of software for collaborating on presentations, Joinpd is undoubtedly the best option available for teachers and students. Students and educators can access many resources through Join pd, an American online education platform.

Classrooms and students alike will find Pear Deck to be a valuable resource. A boost in learning abilities is experienced by students. This article is intended to be helpful to you, and we hope that you find it useful.


Q1: What is, and how does it relate to learning in 2023?

A: is an online platform commonly used in educational settings. In 2023, it continues to play a crucial role in facilitating interactive and collaborative learning experiences.

Q2: How can I join a learning session on

A: To join a learning session on, you typically need a code provided by the educator or organizer. Visit the website, enter the code, and follow the prompts to access the session.

Q3: Is suitable for all levels of education?

A: Yes, is versatile and can be used across various levels of education, from primary schools to higher education. Educators can adapt its features to suit different learning needs.

Q4: What features does offer to enhance the learning experience?

A: offers features such as real-time interaction, collaborative assignments, quizzes, and the ability to share resources. These features contribute to a more engaging and dynamic learning environment.

Q5: Can be accessed on different devices?

A: Yes, is designed to be accessible on various devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Users can participate in learning sessions from anywhere with an internet connection.



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