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How to Install Gorgeous Lawn Turf

Turf installation is not nearly as challenging as you may imagine. I hope you won’t run into any issues if you use my simple “how to” tutorial.

Select your occasion

Although it can be done at any time up until late winter as long as the soil is not too damp or cold, it is better to install a new Sydney lawn and turf around mid-autumn. Lawns grow relatively slowly at that time of year, so you can give it some time to take root before you need to mow it.

Completely preparing the ground

Although planting turf is simpler than spreading seed, the land still needs to be fairly properly prepared. Get rid of all the weeds there, especially the perennial ones like couch grass. To be sure you’ve eliminated them, you might want to apply weedkiller, but you’ll need to choose one that won’t stay in the soil because doing so would also destroy your lawn.

Your patch should be dug or rotated to a depth of 20–25 cm. To strengthen the soil structure, it is usually best to dig in some organic matter, such as composted mushroom material or well-rotted animal manure. After you’ve dug it over, give the dirt some time to settle because the level will decrease slightly, and you don’t want this to happen after you’ve installed your lawn! The ideal time to leave it is for several weeks, but we’ll just say at least a few days since that may be tough for the impatient gardener.

To get rid of any weeds that have sprung since your initial effort, you’ll need to weed again after giving the earth time to settle. On perennials, use a weed killer once more.

The next phase in the preparation is to level the ground by repeatedly tromping it in all directions, followed by multiple times raking it over. Because they enjoy trampling the ground, young children would be a great assistance at this time. Lastly, apply some all-purpose fertiliser to the area (70g per square metre is generally recommended).

Get turf

Wait to buy turf until you have finished all of your preparation since you don’t want your new lawn turf to sit around until you lay it. Turf manufacturers have high-quality turf suitable for most sites; find out which kind is best for your garden. Make sure you order the appropriate quantity by measuring the turf rolls’ length and thickness before placing your order.

If possible, lay your grass within 24 hours of arrival, but if that’s not possible, spread the rolls out and lay the turf flat instead to prevent damage.

Placing turf

While facing the bare land, begin on one side and work your way across. To prevent standing on your fresh lawn, work from boards. Lay the turf closely spaced, in a brick-like pattern. To level the ground, be prepared to add or remove dirt. If any turf appears to be lower than its surrounding turf, put some sandy soil underneath.

Once you’re done, lightly compact the turf by rolling it or by using a piece of flat wood fastened to a broom handle. Finally, add a top dressing of soil and sand, working it into any gaps with a brush.


For a few days, don’t disturb your lawn so it can establish roots. For the first few months, water it every 5–10 days during dry spells, but don’t overwater or the roots will become shallow. When the grass reaches a height of around 5 cm, mow it using high blades.



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