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The Foundry Suites: A selection of luxury suites in the centre of Athens.

Luxury apartments are becoming more and more popular in big cities. They offer residents a life of comfort and convenience. The spacious and elegant apartment usually located in posh area of the city. If you’re looking for such a luxury apartment, the Foundry luxury suites in Athens are the best option for you to stay in.

The Foundry Suites have a few apartment-suites in the heart of Athens. It is situated near Monastiraki. These suites are the best place to stay during your holidays. The apartments are spacious and bright, showcasing the sophistication of costly materials such as steel, glass, stone, marble, and terrazzo and the stylish appeal of uniting various features.

Apartments and Rooftops

Guests enjoy stunning views of the Acropolis and the Parthenon. The Foundry Suites are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a unique and memorable experience in Athens.

They offer various categories of apartments for individuals as well as couples. The Foundry suites are more comfortable for old couples. It is also the best option for a honeymoon in Athens for newly married couples due to its luxurious lifestyle and romantic environment. You can make unforgettable moments with Foundry suites.

A variety of rooms are available with different heights and widths. You can book apartments according to your need. You can book an apartment for one guest, two guests and up to three guests. Every type of room is available on every floor.

Further, if you are wondering about finding a place to enjoy the picnic party, Foundry has a rooftop garden apartment where you can see and enjoy the city’s beauty without leaving. You can enjoy Athens weather by taking a cup of coffee in hand somewhere on the rooftop’s balconies.


The staff works hard, and the team is always on standby to assist you with whatever you need. Don’t hesitate to consult with the staff, who will be glad to ensure you are given a trip briefing, help with organizing a taxi, reserve dinner reservations at a good restaurant, cater to your laundry needs, arrange an in-room massage, and many more.

They served breakfast daily, with special formalities. Wine, fresh juices, regular pizza and sourdough pizza, are also served to respected guests.

Avoid the tourist traps of tourists in Athens. They arrange fascinating tours of archaeological areas, also arrange day trips to the outskirts, cooking classes and many more. They treat your problem as their problem to make your experience memorable.

Additional Benefits:

Additional services are provided on behalf of specific actions. You are eligible for these services if you book an apartment directly by visiting the website. There are a few benefits that you get from direct touch.

  •         You can get a discount on booking an apartment.
  •         Complimentary breakfast is also offered when you book website.
  •         You can enjoy a free Wi-Fi connection through while property.    

They only want to make your experience memorable through warm hospitality pleasant and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. It aspires to make Athens reside in your memories and your heart.



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