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Confused About Internet Types? – Get Deets On Which To Choose & Why

This question’s answer relies on many individual factors. Is the Internet Types connection needed for a business or a household? How enormous the business is and how many devices are being used in a single house? What type of internet connection is available according to the area in which you are located?

To meet our needs these are the main concerns, which should be addressed when deciding about a reliable internet connection. Furthermore, your budgetary needs are also very important when looking for internet. Either it will be sufficient to take advantage of a package with several benefits or just a service without any benefits. In a case like this, we recommend going for one of the best with optimal services, support, great pricing, and a great coaxial cable type connection, plus with Xfinity, you can find a plan according to your needs. However, read on to know the type of connection and which is the most vital, and when.

Types of internet connections

First, we need to survey different types of internet connections that what kind of network are they providing, and the reliability, speed, and frequency range.

Cable internet: just like the name itself, a cable TV connection will require internet users to connect to the internet. To send the data transmission it uses coaxial cables, wires made of copper, and electricity. It does not require much installation because the framework of the cable TV is already built around the buildings. The cable internet speed orbits from 25Mbps to 400Mbps, and from time to time even go up to 1Gbps.

Though, the disadvantage of cable internet is that it is shared between other network users in that area too.  So if your internet slows down while using it’s because the other people are using the same network which lags while sharing.

DSL internet: DSL indicates a digital subscriber line. It works the same as the cable internet, but rather than cable wire, telephone lines are used to get connected to this internet connection. DSL internet connection is a popularly available type of connection in the whole world.  Even so, it provides less speed, which is used for email communication, light streaming, and basic internet browsing. The fastest download speed of DSL internet goes up to 100mbps, with about 5mbps upload speed.

If you have numerous devices, the speed of the internet will be a bit slower.  Therefore, a DSL connection uses your landline you do not have to worry about a shared connection. The internet speed is only gets affected by the distance from the connection or ISP’s home center.  The more distance the more delay will be experienced in the internet connection.  Furthermore, landlines are a bit sensitive and get affected by weather conditions.

Fiber internet: It’s the most reliable and fastest of all the connections and it has no match for any of them. Cables for this type of internet connection are made from fiber-optic material which has glass or plastic strands inside it. Light travels all over in binary coding for data transmission, instead of electricity. In short, precisely the data is transferred at the speed of light.

Symmetrical download and upload speeds are also offered by fiber internet connection. Whereas the speed is quite lower in other types of connections.  Upload speeds and download speeds are the same in the fiber internet connection, which also works for powerful online activities like online gaming and video conferencing.

Satellite internet: A dish will be needed to install at home to get the satellite internet to work. And the data will be transmitted to the satellite through it so it can orbit the Earth’s rotation. This internet offers the slowest speed of internet connection as compared to other connections because data transmission from the satellite takes time due to the distance.  Moreover, the network connection gets easily affected by weather conditions and physical territory. The internet can be disrupted by a tree even. Also, satellite internet will be quite expensive while it offers low downloading speed so it would be better to just go for a cable connection or DSL.

Residential or business internet?

It is also important to consider choosing the internet connection according to the environment,  whether it is for residential use or business use. Because for residential use usually, low speed will also work for downloading or uploading. Residential activities include video calls, movie streaming, and internet browsing. Whereas, while running a business you need to consider a few more factors; video conferencing, robust customer service department and heavy workload, etc. So, all these activities need a high-speed internet connection and if you play online games at home for that you will need a faster and better internet connection as well.

Location Factor

The type of Internet you can access also depends on your location. The connections mentioned above are itemized for certain locations.  For example, satellite internet is leaned for people living in remote or rural areas because there is hardly any cable groundwork that can be done there. The most reliable and promising internet connection is fiber and it is available mostly in big cities, so the people living in those cities will consider fiber connection.

Therefore, fiber connection is less available in suburban locations and completely not available in rural areas due to its expensive infrastructure. Most rural and suburban areas have cable internet because of its affordable price for internet users who have a limited budget. Eventually, people in urban and suburban areas who have a limited budget have also the option of DSL, and it’s the best option for rural areas, especially for those people who don’t want an overpriced satellite connection.  Due to the existence of robust landlines DSL is easily available in rural and remote areas.


Certain locations and certain kinds of environments are limited for the best internet connection. An Internet connection that has the best experience for a home will be different from the one we need for a business. Keep in mind, that the resources and best connection speed are available in a certain location only.



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