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How to prioritize home improvements when moving into a new house?

Moving into your new home brings with it a sense of accomplishment and freedom. Walking around however ideas start flowing in on changes to be made and home improvements on certain aspects. The wall needs a fresh coat of paint, the floorboards need refinishing, leaks under the sink and strange noises from the dryer machine.

All these are important parts of improving your house but in the first few months of living in it, most are not a priority. Knowing which parts need to be completed first makes it easier for the next phase of remodeling work to begin. Here are some pointers on what to prioritize on improvements once you start unpacking.


The safety of your lives and belongings is paramount. Moving into a new neighborhood brings with it the challenges of being an easy target. Ensuring doors and windows are operational and fitted properly is important. Installing wireless sound alarms on all doors to the exterior and windows will repel unwanted visitors. Introducing your family and talking to the neighbors also helps in having another eye out when not around. They usually have all the information on security measures and also good contractors when the greater improvement tasks begin.


After ensuring no unauthorized persons can enter your new home improvements, making sure they can not snoop inside is the next thing. Investing in good and stylish blinds and curtains for your windows is a good step. Cheap blinds may work, but when neighbors visit you might want to blow their minds.

Curtains are also a good way to keep your privacy inside your home from passers-by. They help to keep all eyes out when you are not at home improvements and anyone who gets past the snooping phase sets off the alarms. In other neighborhoods, hedges are a good privacy barrier with neighbors and keeping the leaves well maintained and cut also impresses the neighbors.


In the house, other than watching tv more time will be spent in your bedroom. Ensuring your sanctuary is aesthetically pleasing and as perfect as you can make it is fundamental. Tearing down the wall to increase the size or just removing the wallpaper for a fresher look is one step closer to your goals. Everything about this room needs to be relaxation and happiness. Getting a new bed and a new bamboo mattress will be the crowning factor for this sanctuary. Gaining perfection takes time but setting up the room for future DIY improvements is halfway there.

Energy Efficiency

Fitted appliances reduce efficiency after a period of use without maintenance and this raises energy consumption. Checking the appliances and cleaning dust and refitting broken parts ensures they are in proper working conditions. Parts like the fridge cooling apparatus at the back or the bottom of the fridge need cleaning and heating appliances need new filters to reduce energy consumption. Less energy consumed means fewer payments on bills at the end of the month. Safety equipment such as smoke and CO detectors need to be checked for functionality and new batteries fitted to keep them in good working condition.

Familiarizing yourself with all nooks and crannies in your new home improvements is important. Knowing where all the equipment is located, such as shutting off valves for the main water supply, and the circuit boards for the electricity and checking the attic and basement for mold, pests, and rust formation to ensure that the house lasts for a long time.

Using a file for all bills payments and receipts to have them in a single place and easy location for when the need arises. Narrow down what is important and fix the issues to stay within the budget for the long term. Whether or not you are planning to move in the future, increasing the resale value of the house through remodeling projects focused on value addition.



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