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How do UCAT scores work?

UCAT stands for University Clinical Aptitude Test based on multiple choice questions. Universities in New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom require UCAT from the students who want to get admission to medical and dental fields. Let’s read about UCAT scores working in detail and its scoring method.

UCAT Initiation

In 2006, UCAT was introduced as UKCAT stands for UK Clinical Aptitude Test. Its name was replaced by UCAT when it came to New Zealand and Australia. UCAT’s brother test is BMAT, and both tests judge the students for seats in medical schools.

UACT Scoring Fictions

Like other tests, UCAT has some realities that have been developing for a long time.

  • UCAT is free from negative markings. Only the selection of an incorrect option gives you zero.
  • UCAT test has similar questions in variants of paper. It is free from Computerized Adaptive Testing.
  • The management team gives a short time to solve the UCAT test. It might be possible that you could not attempt all the questions. But, make sure to tackle those questions whose answers are at your fingertips.
  • Checkers calculate the UCAT score using complex statistical methods. You can check your preparation and performance of actual UCAT score by The Future Medic UACT tutoring pre-test.

Generation of Total Scale

UCAT board of education generates a scale for scoring cognitive subtests individually. The scale scoring range is between 300 to 900. It also contains a total of four cognitive subtests. The four cognitive subtests include;

  1. UCAT Verbal Reasoning
  2. UCAT Decision Making
  3. UCAT Quantitative Reasoning
  4. UCAT Abstract Reasoning

You can get well-prepared for all these from The Future Medic UCAT tutoring. Some universities also consider non-cognitive subtests. So the scoring scale also contains the Situational Judgement score that shows the non-cognitive subtests score.

Submission of Scores to Universities

UCAT board does not take a long time and publishes reports within 24 hours. The management team sends your score to the medical universities. You do not need to fill and submit applications on different portals.

On Which Factors UCAT Score Depends

UCAT score depends upon many variables which can affect it prominently.

  • Year of attempting UCAT
  • University to which you want to apply
  • Course you tutoring for
  • Local and rural recognition

You can make your target low if you want to become a dentist, are from a rural area, or are a local student. The UCAT tutoring from The Future Medic guides you and fills all your educational gaps.

Universities’ Preference UCAT score in Percentage

Different universities demand variable percentages of UCAT to get admission and secure seat. Monash University Medicine and the University of New South Wales Medicine require a 33% UACT score. And Charles Darwin University Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and the Flinders University Medicine demand only a 10% UCAT score.

The Best Place to Get Prepare for UCAT

The Future Medic is the best place in your town to get higher scores in UCAT through brilliant UCAT tutoring. They provide professional and experienced tutors who move to the end of their student’s success.



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