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Essential Tips And Facts For Upholstery Cleaning

Do you remember how proud you felt when your new couch arrived at home after a long and tedious process? Pride is often accompanied by a determination to preserve your new upholstery. As time passes, the new look will be replaced by a duller look due to dust buildup. It is heartbreaking, but it is also inevitable that something will spill onto the fabric and leave a dark spot. This is sure to make the fabric look unattractive and ugly. According to carpet cleaners Ann Arbor MI, Upholstery cleaning is necessary at this stage.

Although it’s unlikely that the new look will last forever, you can still do regular upholstery cleaning as a homeowner. No matter if you hire a professional or DIY upholstery cleaner, there are some steps that will remain the same.

Vacuum Cleaning

The first step in any upholstery cleaning process is vacuuming. This involves running the vacuum over all fabric including cracks and cushions.

You might one day look at your couch or sofa and notice that it has become too faded and dull. The couch or sofa might appear dull and faded because of the dust that has settled over time. Vacuum cleaning’s purpose is to remove all dirt, grime, and pet hair from the surface without having to wet it. This will ensure that contaminants don’t dissolve in water or sink further into the fabric.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is an essential part of upholstery cleaning. It involves removing individual stains from the fabric.

This is a useful DIY tip. A fresh spillage should be immediately blotted with a white cloth. This will ensure that the liquid does not soak into the upholstery. People make the common mistake of using a wet cloth to scrub or rub the stain. This will not only cause it to spread, but also allow it to penetrate deeper into the fabric.

Blotting is an important part of upholstery cleaning. It limits the stain to one area that can be treated by the homeowner or by a professional cleaner by applying a cleaning agent.

Identifying Cleaning agent for Upholstery Cleaning

The type of upholstery and the type of cleaning agent you choose will determine the best cleaner.

The most important step in upholstery cleaning is decoding the fabric. This is because the choice of cleaning agent and the method to use will be influenced by it. Each fabric is different and should be treated differently. The cleaning agent and method you use to clean cotton upholstery might be different than the one used for leather upholstery.

Most upholstery cleaning companies are well-respected and trustworthy. They have the training and the know-how to deal with the situation. The home owner may not be as knowledgeable and should make sure to investigate this before making any decisions. Tags can be very helpful in determining the dos and don’ts of upholstery fabric. They should be used by all home owners as a guideline.

Stain Removal

The nature of the stain is another factor that will determine which cleaning agent to use. Stains are similar to upholstery and can be classified based on the source. Each type of stain will require a different cleaning agent. The homeowner or professional must decide how best to clean it.

The cleaning agent should not only be effective at removing dirt and grime between the fibers but also should have no adverse effects on the environment.

Final Word

It is up to you how often you clean your upholstery. However, it is strongly recommended that you maintain a regular schedule. Although weekly vacuuming is effective, it does not remove the dirt and grime embedded in the fibers. Deep cleaning is a great way to prolong the life of your upholstery. It should be done at least twice per year.

You have the option to choose your cleaning agent. Organic and eco-friendly products are preferred over those made from strong chemicals. Although chemicals can be effective, inhaled fumes could pose a danger to your health.



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