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The dining gift card dos and don’ts: Tips for getting the most out of your gift

The dining giftcard landscape

The dining giftcard come in various forms, ranging from specific restaurant cards to broader ones that offer a selection of venues. When choosing a dining gift card, consider the recipient’s preferences, dietary restrictions, and location.


  • Research options: Before purchasing a dining gift card, research the available options to find one that aligns with the recipient’s tastes and preferences. Look for cards that offer a diverse range of dining experiences, including different cuisines and dining styles.
  • Check expiry dates: Always check the expiry date of the gift card to ensure that the recipient has ample time to use it. Some gift cards may have short validity periods, so it’s essential to be aware of any restrictions.
  • Read the terms and conditions: Take the time to read the terms and conditions associated with the dining gift card. Pay attention to any restrictions on usage, such as minimum spend requirements or specific redemption instructions.
  • Plan ahead: Encourage the recipient to plan their dining experience in advance to ensure they make the most of the gift card. Booking reservations early, especially for popular restaurants, can help avoid disappointment.
  • Treat yourself: Dining gift cards offer an opportunity to indulge in a culinary experience that might otherwise be considered a splurge. Encourage the recipient to treat themselves to something special and enjoy the gift to the fullest.


  • Let it expire: Avoid letting the dining gift card expire unused. Remind the recipient of the expiry date and encourage them to use it before it’s too late. Some gift cards may allow for extensions or reactivation, but it’s best not to rely on this.
  • Forget to tip: While the dining gift card may cover the cost of the meal, it’s important to remember that gratuity for service is not usually included. Remind the recipient to tip their server appropriately based on the full value of the meal.
  • Overspend: Encourage the recipient to be mindful of their spending when using the dining gift card. While it’s tempting to order extravagantly, remind them that any amount spent beyond the gift card’s value will need to be covered separately.
  • Ignore reviews: Before choosing a restaurant to redeem the dining gift card, encourage the recipient to read reviews and ratings. This can help ensure they have a positive dining experience and make the most of the gift.
  • Limit choices: While it’s tempting to use the dining gift card at a favorite restaurant, encourage the recipient to explore new dining establishments. The gift card offers an opportunity to broaden culinary horizons and discover hidden gems.


Dining gift cards are a thoughtful and versatile gift option that allows recipients to enjoy memorable culinary experiences. By following these dos and don’ts, both gift-givers and recipients can ensure they get the most out of their dining gift card. Whether it’s trying a new cuisine or indulging in a favorite restaurant, dining gift cards offer endless possibilities for delicious adventures in the UK and beyond.



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