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7 Best Sites to Get Bad Credit Loans in the UK

In the past, bad credit meant that the person cannot take out a loan from the bank but now the banks and financial institutions do not work in traditional ways. But sometimes the person may have to face some challenges to get an ideal deal. 

People with bad credit scores do not have a lot of financial options. But some loan providers let you get bad credit loans in the UK online without visiting a bank. These loans are specifically designed for people who do not have a good credit report or do not have enough credit history. 

If you have a poor credit score and want an online loan then we have provided the 7 best sites in the UK from where you can get the loan even with a poor credit history.

7 Best UK Sites to Get Bad Credit Loans 

As mentioned earlier, people with poor credit scores have limited options and may face difficulties in finding a suitable loan agreement as their bad credit imposes a bad effect on their credibility. 

Following are the 7 online UK-based bad credit loans providers on which you can relay: 


FastPaydayLoans is an online UK-based broker that does not lend you money but helps you to get affordable loans from trusted lenders in the UK. It will link you up with lenders that do not do a hard credit check and offers affordable deals regardless of your poor credit history. 

It offers a variety of bad credit loans including payday loans, secured loans, personal loans, and guarantor loans. You can borrow up to £5000 easily with the help of FastPaydayLoans. It will not take any type of charges from you for the broker services it is providing. 

It has a secure and private interface as it uses encryption technology for getting and transferring data. All information that you provide will not be stored on the servers and does not sell to any third party. 

How To Find Bad Credit Loans Online In The Uk? 

FastPaydayLoans is a user-friendly platform that offers a straightforward online way so you can find affordable bad credit loans without visiting any financial institution. All you need to do is follow some simple steps as described below:

7 Best Sites to Get Bad Credit Loans in the UK

Step 1.  Provide Information

Go to the official website of Fast Payday Loans and here you have to provide some of your basic information. Enter all the information accurately as the lenders will assess you based on the provided data.

Step 2. Get The  Loan Offer

Different lenders will assess your information and make a decision as soon as possible.  You will be provided with different options with varied loan requirements. Read them carefully and choose the one that suits you best. 

Step 3. Accept The Loan Offer

If both parties agree to the terms and conditions and online agreement will be signed. After accepting the loan offer the funds will be transferred as soon as the next business day. 


PaydayLoansUK is another efficient Credit broker that will help you to get loans with a bad credit score. You can borrow up to £5000 from lenders. It works to help you to get the funds as soon as possible, most probably on the same day. 

By using PaydayLoansUK you can get a variety of loans for bad credit including unsecured loans, installment loans, small loans, loans for unemployed people, and loans with no credit check. 


By using GetPaydayLoan you can apply for a bad credit loan starting from £50 to £5000. It will link you with the lenders that accept loans for people having bad credit scores and also help you to find a suitable loan offer for you. 

The process is very easy. You will provide some of your information and it will be securely passed to the trusted lenders that assess it and make decisions as soon as possible. You will be provided with an offer and if you agree the amount will be transferred to your bank account as quickly as possible. 


Whenever you need to find professional creditors who offer flexible rates and have reasonable requirements then EasyPaydayLoan is a good option to rely on. It helps you to find a variety of bad credit loans from trusted and reputable UK lenders online. 

By using EasyPaydayLoan you can get secure loans, personal loans, guarantor loans, peer-to-peer borrowing, and debt consolidation loans even with a bad credit score. 


This website is specially designed to help people who need to borrow money but they have a bad credit score. You can also get other types of loans from them. It will help you to access the professional lenders of the UK who are willing to provide loans for poor credit scores. 

This is a reliable and professional broker that brings the loans offered from lenders which have very little impact on your credit rating. All you need to do is provide some of your basic information that will be secured on this site. 


There are some short-term loans that you can take by using WeLoans. You can get a minimum of £100 from the lenders by using WeLoans. It has a formidable network of lenders that offers loans to people having a bad credit scores. 

As the whole process is carried out online so you do not need to go through lengthy paperwork. By using WeLoans you can get a secured loan, a guarantor loan, and a personal loan quickly. Additionally, it does not take any type of hidden charges from the users. 


CocoLoan is the last but not the least UK-based bad credit loan provider on the List. It lets you borrow money starting from £100 to £5000 even with a bad credit score. It also provides an easy way to get fast quotes from UK-based lenders. Whether you need to get a bad credit loan to make your score better or have to clear your debt, CocoLoan is a good option. 

The main advantage of getting a bad credit loan with the help of CocoLoan is that it will help you to tailor the loan offer for you including the repayment schedules, loan amount, and interest rate. 

Ending Remarks

Not everyone has a good credit score. To meet expenses and to deal with emergencies people need to get loans. People having a poor credit history or very few scores can get bad credit loans online. We have provided 7 sites that work online to help people in getting bad credit loans easily, securely, and fastly. 



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