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Best Colour Combinations For A Stylish Look

Getting the right colour combination is key if you want your outfit to look eye-catching for all the right reasons. After all, we’ve all seen somebody walking down the street who thought it would be a great idea to pair fuchsia trousers with a tangerine jacket! However, there are only so many times we can wear a classic black-and-white combo without getting bored, so if you’re thinking about experimenting with some new shade pairings, it isn’t surprising that you might feel a bit anxious about committing a crime of fashion! 

Fortunately, we’re on hand to help you find the ideal combinations with our guide to some of the most stylish pairings that anyone can wear without clashing. 

Yellow And Green

Although the idea of wearing two bright colours like yellow and green together might terrify you, it’s actually a tried and tested combination. With its clean, fresh look, this colour pairing looks fantastic on most skin complexions. The key to success is in choosing the right tone to complement your skin. If you’re darker skinned, khaki and mustard is the way to go. Meanwhile, if you’ve got cool skin tones, iridescent green and bright yellow is the best choice. 

Pale Pink And Baby Blue

Pastels are a stylish choice that everyone can pull off. While pale pink paired with baby blue may sound too subtle to be eye-catching, in fact if you style them right, you’ll definitely attract attention. A blue shirt with a pink jacket is an excellent choice for spring or early summer, and it’s sure to look elegant and sophisticated. 

Blue And Red

A classic French-inspired pairing, a colour combination of blue and red is a long-time favourite with elegant women everywhere. A simple pair of blue jeans can be taken to a whole new level by pairing them with a red jacket, while the traditional striped Breton shirt paired with a red skirt and a blue denim jacket couldn’t look classier. 

Blue And Orange

Another bold and dramatic colour pairing, but it’s one that really works, no matter what your skin tone or complexion. This colour scheme is ideal for colour-blocking techniques. Wear a pair of draped blue trousers and a colourful orange shirt for an eye-catching look, or try something a little more subtle with a navy blue skirt and burnt orange jumper. 

Maroon And Tan

Although it’s quite an unusual pairing, maroon and tan work surprisingly well together. Neutral colours are notoriously difficult to style, leaving many people looking quite drab and dull. However, when combined with a rich, deep shade such as maroon, the result is an exciting look that is wonderfully autumnal. 

Grey And Pink

The combination of soft grey and baby pink is a timeless one, and it works perfectly for every occasion. Whether you’re attending a wedding or heading to the office, you can be sure that pairing these two colours together will make you look instantly sophisticated and elegant. 

Black And Orange

If orange is the new black, then orange and black together must be even more trendsetting! In fact, any vibrant shade works wonderfully with black to create a bold, dramatic look, but there’s something about the brightness of orange that is truly set off by the starkness of black. The secret to success is not to go overboard – a black jumpsuit paired with orange accessories adds a pop of colour that catches the eye without looking too brash or over the top. 

Finding The Perfect Colour Matches

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