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YouTube verification : How to get a grey checkmark for your channel

Anyone who has a youtube channel knows the importance of a youtube verification badge and its role in the growth of the youtube channel. Now , in case someone is not aware of the youtube world or is just starting out, let’s make clear what exactly is youtube verification. Youtube verification badge is basically a grey checkmark or a grey music note displayed next to the name of the channel. This verification badge gives credibility and legitimacy to the youtube channel.

It indicates that the channel is run by an established creator or an authentic brand. So, if the youtube channel has the verification badge, the viewers easily tend to trust the content on the channel. But, it takes some effort to get that little gray checkmark as well as maintain it. In order to obtain the verification badge,the channel needs to have at least 100,000 subscribers.

You can also buy youtube subscribers to help you to be eligible for getting the verification badge. Apart from that, the channel must be authentic and complete, which means that it must be public, have a channel icon, description and be active. There are some tips that can help your youtube channel get verified :

  • First, focus on building the brand name for your channel. Mention about the website on the channel and add the link to the website. Make sure to express the significant achievements .This will help in strengthening your brand when youtube reviews your channel. The content must be real and relevant. The quality of the videos must be high so that viewers can enjoy the video content. The youtube channel must be active and videos should be consistently uploaded, its better to upload the content on specific day of the week , so that the subscribers or the viewers knows when the video is going to be uploaded.
  • Second most important thing is the engagement with the audience. In order to get the youtube channel verified, make sure that the viewers are hooked from the beginning of the video and spend time on your channel. Encourage the viewers to like, subscribe, comment and share the videos. Respond to as many comments as humanly possible on your channel. This will make the viewers feel that they are being heard and their opinion/feedback are given appropriate attention. This will assist in creating a bond between the content creator and the people who watch their videos. Try to connect to the viewers on the emotional level and go behind the scenes, tell stories if possible. There are also many best sites from where you can buy the youtube subscribers and enhance the audience base and engagement.
  • Another important tip is to avoid breaking the rules of the platform. Try to stay within the limits and follow the policies set by youtube. Violation of the guidelines and policies set by the company can create difficulties in the process of the channel getting verification badge. Try to avoid getting copyright strikes as they can harm your youtube channel and in some cases, may lead to cancellation of the channel from youtube.
  • After meeting the above criteria, follow these steps to get the youtube verification badge. First go to Google support page and apply for the channel verification section. Then click on Apply now and fill in all the information. Now, click submit and an email will be send for confirmation. It will take some time for the results.


These are some tips that can help youtube channels to get boost and verified and get the grey checkmark next to their  channel name. However, keep in mind that if the youtube channel name gets changed, the verification badge will not appear on the new name of the channel and the same application process needs to be repeated to get the verification badge.

In addition, if the channel is already verified and has met all the requirements, youtube can still revoke its badge on the violation of community rules and terms of services. So, be mindful about the policies and guidelines set by the company. Now, if your channel follows all the above mentioned tips and creates relevant and authentic content, drives engagement and adheres to the guidelines, it will take no time for the youtube channel to get verified and known as the best in the category your youtube channel is dealing in.



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