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Why Is My Facebook News Feed Not Working?

Facebook News Feed is a social networking website and an online news and entertainment company. Perhaps you’ve heard about it? It has over two billion monthly active users and has become one of the most popular websites in the world. Facebook is free, but it can be expensive to use, especially if your Facebook News Feed isn’t working.

Facebook is full of distractions, like friends’ photos and videos, games, chat messages, and more. You may find that you spend more time browsing than reading or commenting on what you see in your News Feed. Here’s how to fix that!

Facebook’s Free Features

The primary reason many people are unable to stay on top of their Facebook News Feed is that they don’t know about all the social features Facebook offers for free. While you won’t get instant updates on every important event that happens on Facebook, Facebook is an extremely efficient way of keeping track of current events and activities in your friends’ lives.

Each user on Facebook News Feed has their own News Feed where all of their friends’ posts are displayed. You can sort your news feed to display only your own friends or only your friends in a specific city or state, or you can display all of your friends’ posts. However, on a mobile device, you can’t see every post in one page.

How to Make the Most of Facebook

If you’re spending too much time looking at Facebook News Feed rather than what’s in your News Feed, or you think you’ve missed out on something because the last post in your feed was a few months ago, you can speed up your News Feed time. The best way is to create the most engaging posts possible.

What to Avoid on Facebook

With so much to see, you may not be aware of what you’re missing, especially if you tend to get distracted by the little things on Facebook. So here are the five biggest things you’ll miss when Facebook isn’t working. These posts include posts from friends, family, and your personal Page (like yours or a friend’s).

Even if you don’t always get notified that these posts are there, seeing them is still beneficial. Once you are signed in, click “News Feed Preferences.” You’ll be shown a screen where you can change your News Feed preferences, such as which content you’ll see.

How to Fix Your News Feed

One of the first things you need to do to fix your Facebook News Feed is visit your Facebook account and sign in. Click on your profile photo, where it says “View Profile,” then click “Settings.” In the left column, click on “News Feed Preferences.” You will be prompted to sign in again.

Once you are signed in, click “News Feed Preferences.” You’ll be shown a screen where you can change your News Feed preferences, such as which content you’ll see. You can also control whether you want to see a set of posts from friends or a set of posts from Pages you follow. Check the box next to “See posts from friends only” or the box next to “See posts from Pages only” to change your News Feed preferences.


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