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When is the next UK travel update and what can we expect?

Here’s what you need to know about the next UK travel update or announcement – and the testing requirements.

Travel restrictions have been lifted after two years of the next UK travel update disruption, and passengers entering the UK are no longer required to undergo any vaccination tests – so long as they are fully vaccinated.

We wonder what the next three years will bring regarding the next UK travel update. Below is everything you need to know.

What’s the next official government travel announcement?

The remaining restrictions on travel imposed by Covid will be lifted from 4 am on Friday, March 18, according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. Thus, the Passenger Locator Form (PLF), which must be presented before flying into the UK, as well as any testing for unvaccinated arrivals will no longer be mandatory.

So, what happened at the last announcement?

The last time the international travel rules were updated was on January 24. According to Grant Shapps, fully vaccinated travelers entering the UK no longer need to take any travel tests as of February 11. A few rules have been relaxed for unvaccinated arrivals; they will need to undergo a pre-departure test and a day two PCR, but the requirement to isolate has been dropped. As of Friday, March 18, it will no longer be necessary to do so.

According to Shapps, removing the restrictions before half-term will simplify the traveling experience for passengers, especially the fully vaccinated, and ensure stability for the sector throughout 2022. The government is also considering plans to include booster vaccines in Covid passports.

Do I need a booster vaccine to travel abroad?

Where has the United Kingdom been banned from traveling?

There is no word on when the next UK travel update will occur, but the government has made clear that if a new variant of concern appears, restrictions could be imposed quickly.

When is the next UK travel update and what can we expect?

Which are the current travel regulations?

If you arrive back in the UK within 48 hours of an outbound flight, you must fill out a Passenger Locator Form. However, this requirement is due to be repealed within the next two weeks. There are no tests required for visitors who have received all necessary vaccinations. The UK requires all next UK travel update who are unvaccinated to undergo a PCR test within two days of arrival, preferably on the second day. Those who receive a positive result or an unclear result must isolate themselves. We will also relax these rules in the future.

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