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What To Wear On Eid 2022?

Eid is a special occasion for every Muslim. Whenever it nears, Muslims gain more and more excitement. Eid 2022 is not pretty far away as well. Since it is nearing, Pakistanis are becoming excited about their wearables. They are keen to know what they should be wearing on Eid.

Remember, fashion trends change every year, and you see people dressed up differently from previous Eid. Since we are approaching Eid 2022, what have you decided to wear? If you are unsure what to wear on Eid 2022, we let you know. This is a detailed guide on what to wear on this Eid. Here are a few key instructions to follow before you choose your Eid dress:

Know What’s Trending?

First of all, you should be aware of the latest trends in Pakistani clothes. For this purpose, conduct some research and know what people prefer to wear. You can follow top designers on social media and know their opinions to figure out what are the latest Eid dresses trending among Pakistani people.

Choose the Right Fabric

Secondly, make sure you choose the right fabric. There are different fabrics used to manufacture clothes in Pakistan. Lawn, cotton, silk, velvet, khaddar are among the most popular fabrics. However, you should know the weather conditions on Eid 2022 before you decide on the fabric. Since summer is coming up, you should consider lawn as an ideal fabric though silk is another popular choice.

What Should Men Wear on Eid?

Men are not very choosy when it comes to Eid clothes. They always prefer wearing simple shalwar kameez on Eid. However, this Eid we may see men wearing a kurta pajama and a waistcoat. Weather conditions would be ideal for wearing a waistcoat this Eid. So, men would definitely wear it over shalwar kameez or kurta pajama.

What Should Women Wear on Eid?

Women should particularly be careful about choosing their Eid dresses. When it comes to Pakistani clothes for women, there is a stunning variety to choose from. It seems as if every dress is worth buying. However, you should know what are the most trending Pakistani eid dresses.

Pakistani women should be wearing traditional dresses, for instance, shalwar kameez can be an ideal choice. However, a frock of keen length can be a perfect thing to wear. Don’t miss the khussa as well. It is the right footwear on Eid. Also, considering Eid dresses, an angrakha, a stylish lawn dress, a digital printed shirt can be among good choices too. So, wear these stylish dresses on eid to impress everyone.

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