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What is Gumtree and How it helps your UK business?

How Gumtree Helped Uk Businesses With Online Advertising

There is a possibility that you have come across the website Gumtree and are not sure Gumtree and How it helps your UK business. The Gumtree website, also known as, is an online classified advertising and community site based in the United Kingdom.

It was the largest website for local community ads and classifieds in the UK as of November 2010. According to a traffic audit conducted in 2010, it also ranked among the top 30 sites in the United Kingdom with nearly 15 million unique monthly visitors.

There are top classifieds websites in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and South Africa.

Founded in early 2000, Gumtree was founded by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. In London, it first appeared as a local classifieds ad and community site. Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa moved to the city and the website was started to assist them with moving, finding accommodations, employment, or just meeting new people.

  • The term Gum Tree is taken from an Australian term used by locals to describe the Eucalyptus tree. Links have been established between British, Australian, New Zealand, and South African communities.
  • There are different varieties of gum trees in all countries, but the founders believed the term would be representative of the community’s deep roots and branches.
  • Around 1 in 3 adults in the UK visit the site every month and there are over 1.5 million ads on the site at any given time. You can buy and sell second-hand goods, cars, and property here while looking for a job, a rental property, or to buy one. Additionally, professional services, community events, and more can also be found on the site.
  • The Gumtree and How it helps your UK business app has been downloaded over 16 million times and is used by over 33% of the UK’s digital population each month.

What is Gumtree and How it helps your UK business?

Its History

Gumtree was the largest of these three classifieds sites acquired by eBay for a little over 80 million dollars in 2005, with LoQUo and Opusforum being the other two. At the time of this acquisition, Gumtree was available in cities across the globe, including the UK, France, Australia, Poland, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

  • Warsaw, Poland, became the first Gumtree location in 2004. Gumtree was launched in Berlin in May 2005 and then expanded into Rome and Milan in June 2005, covering over 30 cities across the globe.
  • Gumtree set up a site in the United States in 2007, targeting expat communities in New York, Chicago, and Boston. A total of over two million British, Polish, and Australian ex-pats in the United States were to be reached.
  • The Gumtree and How it helps your UK business brand was rebranded in early 2016, and a number of apps were available. With over 450,000 subscribers on Facebook and 35,000 subscribers on Twitter, it has an impressive social media presence. Social media is used to share information about the company and launch promotions and competitions to encourage new listings as well as drive traffic to the site.

The main purpose of Gumtree is to offer users the chance to post free advertisements. If users want their ads to appear more prominently, paid advertising can be purchased. An advertiser can pay a fee to enhance the visibility of their ads by bumping them up in the listings.

Since its inception, Gumtree has expanded its services to businesses, selling classified advertising packages to companies looking to post multiple properties and job vacancies.

Since 2013, Gumtree has been offering bulk listings to car dealers. The launch of Gumtree Media in 2010 opened up services to its business clients. Gumtree has around 2 million ads listed at any given time, making it an excellent site to find what you’re looking for and to sell your goods, property, or cars.

Here are some ways businesses can benefit from using Gumtree.

Any business can use Gumtree to its advantage. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that online classified sites are becoming increasingly popular, especially with small and medium businesses, as a way to source for business, sell their wares, and find the right people to fill vacancies. Advertising on these platforms is affordable for businesses.

As online trade has grown, Gumtree has made it even easier for people to find products and services. That’s why having a strong online presence is essential for any business. Gumtree is a great option for businesses that cannot afford to run full-scale advertising campaigns due to the high cost of advertising.

A business can advertise its services and products on this site and reach a global market at an affordable price. Having the ability to reach millions of users every day gives businesses an added advantage.

Stats from online market research show this to be true.

Gumtree statistics show that businesses and individuals are missing out on over £6.5 billion in savings due to a lack of or poor negotiation skills, especially when buying online. It amounts to about £497 per person per year that the average person can save. According to these statistics, the resale economy has grown rapidly.

And Brits are now starting to understand the value of preowned items. According to statistics, about a fifth of the people interviewed (18%) have never used an online marketplace, while 29% said they prefer to use websites they are already familiar with.

How have business people who have used Gumtree over the years shared some of their best tips?

  1. Quality photos matter –Including clear images of your items is an excellent way to show users what they can expect from them.
  2. Defects should be highlighted– It is important to let your clients know in advance if a product has issues or defects in order to avoid duping them and to maintain your reputation.
  3. Place an ad –You should place an ad first to get noticed. Once your ad is noticed, you should promote it to boost its effectiveness even more
  4. Location sharing –when you share your precise location with the app, it will locate buyers near you so that you can make an offer quickly.
  5. Follow up on leads as soon as possible – if someone contacts you, you should respond to them as soon as possible so that you don’t lose them. By calling the person as soon as possible, you demonstrate professionalism and good customer service.

Tips for buying, selling, and handling Gumtree.

  • In order to help buyers and users understand how to effectively buy and sell online, here are a few tips that you can use when posting on Gumtree and How it helps your UK business and how to deal with customers effectively.
  • Research a reasonable price to be able to sell your goods at a realistic and fair price
  • Provide photos and words to describe your goods in detail so that users can get a realistic idea of what the product can do.
  • Provide honest information. Don’t exaggerate to make the items seem more than they are. Share the facts as they are. To avoid giving false information to potential customers, share any defects or issues with the item as well.
  • Professional customer service means responding to inquiries promptly.
  • Make sure both parties can agree on a meeting time and place. Keeping time this way ensures you’re both on time and that you’re both happy with the outcome.
  • Focus on the objective (making a sale and giving customers value) rather than your customer’s personality when doing business.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to count the money or check the item carefully before paying so that everything is in order.

Category: Empowering Women

You can find categories for different users on this site. For example, there are categories for Property, Services, Jobs, Community, Motors, Pets, and For Sale.

Tips on Using;

  1. Visit or use your browser to search for “Gumtree and How it helps your UK business” and it should appear on the search result page. Google’s App Store allows you to download the Gumtree app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Click to download it.
  2. Set a username and password. It is necessary to register for an account on Gumtree in order to post an ad. Make a user name and choose a password that you are comfortable with. You can choose to sign up using a name that provides you with some anonymity or you can choose a nickname or a variation of your real name. Adding some numbers at the end of the username of your choice will allow you to own it if it has already been taken. Make sure the password you choose is strong and one you can remember. The password should be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to make it difficult to guess.
  3. Add a profile picture –Adding a picture of something interesting or catchy to the profile will give it legitimacy and make it more appealing. Buyers are attracted to your profile by photos, which enhance the appeal of your ads and make them stand out. Pick a photo that is striking and adds some personality to your profile. It is not mandatory to have a profile photo.
  4. Identify the category in which you are selling the item. For instance, if you are selling a home appliance, you may choose the ‘Home and Garden’ category. Choosing the ‘Computers and Software’ category is appropriate if you have a laptop or desktop for sale. You should add subcategories like ‘Electronics’ to the ‘Computers and Software’ category so that buyers can easily search and find your item. By filling in the ‘Tell us what you are posting’ tab, you can describe the item and the site will categorize it for you.
  5. Identify the location –Be sure to share your postal code with the location where you will be selling the item. By searching within their area, buyers can access items that match their needs. Those buyers can then share that information with potential customers. It is important to note that your postal code and location won’t appear in the advertisement. You can share your item with buyers in certain locations looking for specific items using your postal code.
  6. Provide a detailed description of the item you are selling –Include the item type, features, what materials it is made of, what condition it is in, as well as measurements, color, and other features to describe it fully. Additionally, you can share what makes you want to sell it. Describe the item honestly and avoid lying to oversell the product. In the event that the item has damage or is defective, it is best to let buyers know about it up front so they are fully aware of what they are getting.

What is Gumtree and How it helps your UK business?

  1. Take great pictures– show the item in its best light. Several photos can be taken and then the best one that shows the item in a focused and clear manner is chosen. Ideally, the photograph should be clear and focused. Provide buyers with a clear picture of what the image looks like by taking the photograph in good lighting. Buyers are encouraged to reach out to you when you have good photos, but fuzzy or low-quality images turn buyers away. Taking more than one photo of the item from different angles is also advisable. It is possible to take photos of the sides, backs, and sides of an item as well as long shots and wide shots, paying attention to any special or unique features. Your chances of attracting prospective buyers and selling it will increase with better photos.
  2. Price information –users should be able to see how much an item costs. For buyers to understand that this is the final price, indicate ‘Firm’ or ‘No negotiating’ if you’d like to sell it at a fixed price. Alternatively, you can put ‘Or Best Offer’ or ‘OBO’ if you’re willing to negotiate the price.
  3. Your ad needs a title– Put a short, catchy description in the title to attract buyers. Include descriptions like Rare, Unique or Great Deal if your item falls under these categories.
  4. Publish the ad– After you’ve chosen the category, included a detailed description, included great pictures, the price, location, and write a nice title, it’s time to publish the ad. Your Gumtree and How it helps your UK business account lets you respond directly to buyers. You can post ads on the site for free. The app allows you to chat with buyers in one-on-one conversations. 

Engaging buyers on Gumtree;

Some tips for interacting with them

  1. Quickly respond to inquiries. The Messages tab lets you keep track of all conversations and follow up on any inquiries.
  2. Answer questions from buyers– it is important to respond to buyers’ questions as soon as possible. Give them a concise answer that assists them in making their decision. Respond to questions in a friendly and polite manner to encourage buyers to make a purchase.
  3. Accept the best offer if you receive more than one. The best offer will be the one that offers the best value if there are multiple offers. Other buyers can be informed when the item has been sold.
  4. Payment arrangements –It is preferable to pay cash in person for an item. Set up a convenient pickup place, such as a parking lot nearby, and if you offer to deliver, agree on a drop-off point. Don’t hand over the item until you get the cash for it. Add an extra layer of security by bringing along a friend and agreeing to meet in a public place.


Gumtree’s advantages include the wide range of items it offers, the favorable pricing, and the convenience of being able to find rare items locally.

A great location for finding unique items, as well as for selling your items and finding a new location for them.

Faqs – Frequently Asked Questions About Gumtree

What Is The Average Running Time Of A Gumtree Ad?

The lifespan of an ad depends on its category. Advertisements in the section for Property, Services, and Jobs are live for 60 days. In the Community, Motors, Pets, and For Sale categories, the ads will be live for 30 days.

As soon as the ad’s time runs out, Gumtree and How it helps your UK business sends users a notification that the ad is about to expire. Afterward, users can choose to reset the clock and extend the time for the ad to remain visible. When the time expires and no Bump is applied, the ad will be removed and moved to the Inactive Ads list.

What Is Gumtree And How Does It Work?

Adding your profile to the Gumtree directory is as simple as signing up for the directory. When you have finished setting up the account, select the category of the item that you are selling, and add the title, description, location, price, and image of the product that you are selling. Once this is done, you are ready to post the ad.

Gumtree Leads: How To Get Them?

As soon as you post the advertisement on Gumtree, you should always be available to answer users’ queries. Buyers should also know that you can answer their questions. If you do all of these, your business will be more likely to convert.

Can I Sell Products/Services On Gumtree?

On Gumtree, you can buy/sell products related to automobiles, real estate, all kinds of professional services, etc. Gumtree and How it helps your UK business is also a place where you can post job requirements.

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