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What is Digital Graphic Design?

Digital Graphic Design is the art of visual communication – in other words, making things look good. These things can be advertisements, logos, web pages, packaging for products, or anything else that needs graphics to communicate its message effectively.

Digital Graphic Design are also called upon when designing a company’s identity or logo. They are often treated as the face of a company because their designs are what people see before they interact with it.

Digital Graphic Design is an electronic form of graphic design that relies on computer software and digital devices to generate images based on mathematical algorithms. This is used in all sorts of places from video games to movies. Here are some ways to get started with your own digital graphic design career.

What is Graphic Design?

Digital Graphic Design are people who think about how the things they create look before they actually make them. They consider colors, sizes, and other parameters in making their designs. But there is a huge amount of work that goes into that – they have to consider various aspects of the design like what medium to use.

How to make sure the design appears in multiple sizes or from different perspectives, how to build a design so that people actually want to interact with it, etc.

Digital Graphic Design use a range of tools in making their designs. They use Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop to make the illustrations. Other digital tools used include Inkscape, Illustrator, and TutsPlus. In the past, when they were mostly in ink, graphic designers used illustration tools to draw pictures.

The Future of Digital Graphic Design

I recently spoke with Joel Ritchey about his successful career as a web designer. He explains that the most important aspects of Digital Graphic Design are creativity, accuracy, and technology.

Joel is currently working on the website for UAP Software Solutions, a New England-based company that produces software and consulting services for the FSI/FP, NAVAIR, and other government-related companies. They use Adobe Creative Suite and Drupal.

Joel told me that for most websites, Adobe Creative Suite is the best tool. They use SketchBook Pro and Illustrator for web design. Joel created this website for UAP using Illustrator and SketchBook Pro. I’ll let you judge for yourself:

Getting Started with Digital Graphic Design

If you’re interested in learning more about Digital Graphic Design, then you may want to take a look at the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop.

Before learning any more about how to get started with digital graphic, you’ll need to learn the basic concepts. There are many different kinds of graphic design, but most are focused on using computers to create a recognizable image.

Using Illustrator

For example, if you want to create a business card, or a mockup of a product to present to a client, you’ll want to use Adobe Illustrator. It’s the most popular Digital Graphic Design software for Photoshop users. There are many different options, so you have to find out which one is right for you.

What Can You Do with a Career in Digital Graphic Design?

All Graphic Design start with a basic degree and go through a range of related programs. They could decide to get their degrees in design, advertising, or web design. This will give them a solid foundation that will allow them to take their careers further. If a degree is not in their budget, they can pursue a bachelor’s in computer science and then work their way up to a master’s in graphic design.

After graduating, a degree-holder can enter a creative career in Digital Graphic Design. The sky is the limit in what they can do with this digital field. Many careers allow you to work as a freelancer or have a full-time job with benefits.

Choosing the Right College for Digital Graphic Design

High School Students: If you have your sights set on a career in graphic design, choose a college with an excellent degree program in this field. Many schools now offer associate’s degrees in digital graphics and digital arts.

Internships and Student Work: Always ask for unpaid, first-person student work experience if possible. College summer courses and other projects where you are expected to produce professional work are another excellent opportunity for hands-on experience.

Study at a Professional Digital Graphic  School: With a certain level of experience and skill, there are many opportunities for positions in the field. Consider attending a school that provides both paid internships and on-the-job training, even if you choose to pay for your schooling.


Digital Graphic Design is a highly recognized field and there are many options available for those interested in pursuing it as a career. Through my work, I hope to show you some of the areas you can explore and the tools you can use to help you make your career dreams a reality.

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