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What Is DeskFlex Office Hoteling Desk Booking Software?

Hot desking, desk booking software, and room scheduling software are all terms you may have heard or read about recently, but what do they mean? How can they help your business? This article will explain the ins and outs of hot-desking software, desk booking software, and online room scheduling systems so that you can decide whether or not these types of programs will work well for your company’s unique needs.

DeskFlex Features

Desk booking software has some features that are important for your business. It helps in the easy management of inventory and assets. You can have a seat tracker software in place to help users track their assets, either online or offline, at any time. You can have a desk management system which helps you keep track of your key assets like desks and rooms for better usage and movement of resources with DeskFlex hoteling software. With DeskFlex office hoteling software, you will be able to boost user productivity by providing ease of access, flexibility, and availability to work anywhere at any time without any disruption. They also increase brand exposure as more people will know about you thanks to desk reservation software for managing an unlimited number of resources available through different locations.

Desk Flex Pro Pricing

You can always start with our Free 30-day trial and test Desk Flex in action. We even give you unlimited desk licenses for as long as you like. You get a full-featured product, without any limitations. When it comes to pricing, it’s simple – we give you three choices: Pay-as-you-go: $0/month One year license: $129 Lifetime license: $299 (lifetime upgrades included) As soon as you make your purchase, we’ll enable your free 30-day trial and email you a registration key so that you can get up and running immediately. You can use these keys on any number of computers simultaneously – we do not limit customers or users in any way.

Free Desk Flex Trial

Get your DeskFlex software account and see how Desk Flex office hoteling software is a flexible desk booking software, online room scheduling system, and hot-desking solution that works with existing furniture hardware. Experience all our online room booking and online room scheduling software has to offer. Desk Flex virtual office is an advanced daywork management system with powerful booking control. Day works are managed online, saving costs and making it easy to manage in one place. A web-based version is available for access anywhere on any device or computer that can connect to the internet.

Do Businesses Really Benefit From Desk Flex?

DeskFlex offers office hoteling software. This means that businesses are able to have access to an office suite whenever they need one. Whether they need one hour or twenty-four hours of available time, DeskFlex has them covered. But do businesses really benefit from Desk Flex? Or is it just a way for space companies to make more money without offering real convenience and flexibility? If you’re considering signing up for Desk Flex, here are a few things you should know before you sign your company up!

Book A Meeting Room Online with Desk Flex

One of my biggest pet peeves when traveling is not being able to find a meeting room at a hotel. And if I can’t book one online, I always give up and assume that there won’t be one available. But what if there was an app or software system that made it as easy to book a meeting room as booking an Uber? That’s exactly what DeskFlex, one of our newest sponsors, has created. Desk Flex is an all-in-one solution for desk booking, office hoteling, and online room scheduling that gives you access to more than 14 million desks across 46 countries around the world… and it can be customized to fit your needs too! Desk Flex offers great functionality for companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals, insurance, finance, and startups.


If you’re looking for an office hoteling software, look no further than DeskFlex. With its powerful and easy-to-use features, DeskFlex can help you manage your office and space better so that you can ensure more productivity. DeskFlex’s online room scheduling software system is secure and flexible enough to fit any business’ needs. Start your free trial of desk booking software today!

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