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What Can Disqualify You From a Gastric Sleeve?

In addition to weight loss surgery’s health benefits, it also has other advantages. The repetitive diets that many patients try only result in frustration, causing them to consider bariatric surgery. There is no alternative to meeting the formal criteria, which is why only qualified patients are eligible. A doctor’s final decision is always up to them, but the article presents key factors that influence their final decision. In addition to helping you assess your situation, this list is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. Don’t hesitate and get a second opinion before traveling abroad for a gastric sleeve or Gastric Sleeve band surgery, both of which are more and more popular.

Factors that disqualify

You are at high risk for health problems if you have those factors. You won’t have a good chance of being eligible for bariatric surgery if you meet these criteria. Regardless, the surgery can be postponed until you no longer have to deal with these factors.

  • Treatment for cancer that is ongoing
  • Expecting a pregnancy or planning one
  • Symptoms of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  • Bleeding in the stomach or esophagus caused by a pre-existing condition
  • An illness that cannot be treated with medication

Factors that increase risk

It is less likely that you will be accepted for the surgery if you have any of those conditions. The final decision can be made by your physician overriding theirs.

  • Having a body mass index below 35.
  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol.
  • Having a minimum age of 16 or maximum age of 75.
  • Having a history of heart disease or severe lung disease.
  • Inflammation of the pancreas.
  • The disease called cirrhosis affects the liver.
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus is an example of an autoimmune disease.
  • Disorders of the blood.
  • Psychiatric history of severe severity.

Health factors related to mental health

The solution to all weight loss problems does not lie in weight loss surgery. It is possible to accomplish this goal with the help of this tool. A patient must cooperate with the tool for it to be effective. A patient’s mental health determines how quickly he or she recovers after surgery. It’s for this reason that we carefully examine it.

It’s about motivation.

Patients may be required to demonstrate their motivation for losing weight in some clinics. After surgery, you still need to adhere to a diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. The diet must be followed up to six months before the surgery, contrary to what many people believe. Most clinics require that you demonstrate a strong will and determination in order to be admitted for surgery.

Stories of weight loss from various sources

Those who have tried medically supervised weight loss programs but haven’t succeeded may consider obesity surgery as a last resort. Proof of that is typically required by insurance companies. Even so, it is in the best interests of everyone to pursue formal weight loss programs. In order to regain full health, diet and lifestyle changes are essential. There is no shortcut to losing weight with a bariatric Gastric Sleeve.

Disorders of the mood

Patients who suffer from obesity often suffer from mood disorders, which are exacerbated by eating disorders. Before and after surgery, people with mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, should receive professional assistance. You need all the support you can get in order to cope with the new post-surgery routine.

Risks of suicide

Patients who undergo obesity surgery are more likely to commit suicide. The changes it will bring to your life must be well understood. In that way, you’ll be able to prepare for the event. In spite of this, adjusting to a new reality can be challenging, so patients who have a history of suicidal thoughts should be closely monitored.

Ultimately, speaking with your doctor before considering a gastric sleeve is a good idea. Prior to admission, a patient may need to undergo physical or mental health treatments.

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