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What are Searches when buying a house?

The solicitor performs the Searches when buying a house search. During the home buying process, they work closely with the local authority (and other organizations). From them, they can obtain any information they require about a property. In addition, they can obtain any local development plans that may affect the home you plan to purchase.

There are 9 main searches that are often conducted:

  1. The local authority search (LAS): LAS Searches when buying a house for nearby road schemes, contaminations, and planning work, as well as several smaller searches.
  2. Searching for planning consents: A planning search looks for evidence of any existing planning consents or applications within a 250-meter radius of the property.
  3. Water and drainage searches: This method is used to identify all drainage systems around a property and determine whether they may pose a risk to the property in the future.
  4. Searches for the environment: This covers environmental issues within 500 meters of your home, such as flood risks, subsidence risks, and previous agricultural uses of the land.
  5. Be aware of flood risk: If you’re considering purchasing a property near the water. By looking for a river, lake, reservoir, or coastline, then you will be able to learn how high the risk of flooding is in the area.
  6. Underground coal mining and mining searches: Some properties may have tunnels beneath them. When this occurs in an area that was once used for coal mining, brine mining, or salt mining, it is common. Property can be adversely affected by subsidence if old tunnels are present. Therefore, it is important to know what lies beneath a property before you buy it.
  7. The chancel repair search: Until this search is performed, most people are unaware that some properties owe the local parish money for church repairs. Historical standing and specific parish requirements typically determine the amount of liability. Insurance can usually be purchased to pay for any future bills.
  8. Pre-completion check of the land registry: This will reveal whether the individual selling the property is the rightful owner of the property and if there are any bankruptcy proceedings. This ensures that the property is legally available for purchase.

Our number 9 is a relatively new search…

  1. HS2: HS2 is a new high-speed railway whose phase 1 is scheduled for completion in less than 8 years. Through the new railway, London, Birmingham, and the northwest will be connected at 225 mph. You can use this tool to determine if the property you’re interested in is affected by the planned and extensive works which will cover 25 destinations and serve more than 30 million people.
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