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What are Ancillary Services in Travel?

Ancillary Services Travel and tourism are not just about getting from one place to another. Travelling is about being exposed to new cultures, languages, food, the natural world, the social order. It’s about experiencing new things that can be overwhelming at times.

One of the ways you can do this on your own without having to pay for a tour guide or Travel and Tourism agency is by taking advantage of ancillary services like shuttles and hotel reservations. These services not only save money and time but also give you access to exclusive deals that might not be available elsewhere.

What is ancillary service?

Ancillary services are services that aren’t directly related to the main purpose of a trip. It’s basically what you get when you build an expensive house on a plot of land that wasn’t zoned for a house or a business but someone still wanted to build a home and went ahead. In tourism, ancillary services are the complementary services of hotels and tour operators and attractions. These services include tips, shopping, attractions, transfers and more.

What is a shuttle?

If you’ve been to a beach in Florida or one in Hawaii, you’ve probably seen a bus shuttle come around and drop people off at their destination. Often, you will see a crowd of people waiting to be dropped off.

Why you need ancillary services?

One of the most obvious benefits of travel and tourism is the chance to see new and different places. But getting to these places requires money. You can’t just show up and book a hotel room, hop on a shuttle to your destination, and then take taxis to wherever you want to go. Not all places are accessible to cars, taxis, and buses. The best you can do is get as much of your Travel and Tourism expenses covered as you can.

Many people who are new to Travel and Tourism choose ancillary services because it is their first step into the realm of discovering the true spirit of the local culture. You can hire an “authentic” driver who offers a glimpse of the culture and wonders of your destination. While some companies claim to be “local” this could mean just about anything.

How to take advantage of ancillary services?

When booking a hotel in a foreign country, consider using a foreign booking site like, Agoda, Expedia and These sites offer very flexible payment options for hotels and other Travel and Tourism related services. They don’t charge you upfront but pay you on a percentage basis over the duration of your stay. If you can’t pay in full upfront, you can often pay partially by the day or by the night.

Another popular method is to use mobile apps like Google Translate and These are the largest online Travel and Tourism booking sites in the world and cover every major language, including Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch.

Booking shuttles

Shuttle services that offer drop offs at popular locations in a city are very popular. However, they also carry a hefty price tag. Luckily, you can make use of booking services to buy a ticket for a shuttle that has a specified departure and arrival time.

You can get started with a service like BigBus by buying a seat on a specific shuttle and all you have to do is to arrive at the shuttle pick-up time and meet the driver at the designated location. Alternatively, you can use a service like Uber which lets you search for a nearby driver that is driving by you at a specific time and pay by credit card for a scheduled pickup. Many people book hotels on the web but not everyone can afford to pay through the nose for a hotel room. Luckily, hotel booking websites like Booking.

Booking hotel reservations

The hotel reservation process can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the local language or time difference. You can avoid this confusion and frustration by using an ancillary service that will help you book your hotel reservations for you. Services like Reservations Direct do all the work for you and not only provide the best options available but they will also ship the hotel booking to you as well.

You can choose the time of the arrival or departure and even get directions to the hotel from your home or office. If you’re traveling on a tight schedule, you’ll find that it’s best to rely on the services of a shuttle bus or van. You can get to your destination quickly, on time and in a comfortable environment.


There is no better time to Travel and Tourism than right now. The cost of air tickets and hotel rooms in Dubai has drastically decreased this year and people are always looking for new and innovative ways to Travel and Tourism and the services below can help you do that.

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