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6 Ways to Make Your London Wedding Stress-Free

Wedding organizations can be pretty stressful. Couples should make sure to send the invitations, count the confirmed guests, find the right venue, and think about how they would get from home to the church and then to the venue.

Family and friends surely can help, but sometimes, their ideas and behavior can cause even more stress to the couple.

When getting married in London, you have many venues to choose from, but also food and transfer options. Many brides prefer a luxury chauffeur driven wedding car for their special day. It’s indeed a better option than waiting for some uncle or cousin to come with their new vehicle.

But, let’s see how to decrease the stress to the level where you can say your wedding organization is entirely stress-free.

1. Plan the Wedding Reception

From castles to modern restaurants, London has a lot to offer to couples. We suggest choosing the venue according to your budget, so you won’t go crazy if you need to spend more on it.

Choose venues that offer drinks and food in the package too. Many wedding reception places provide customized packages to the couples, including personalized decoration.

Book the venue you like before someone else takes it from you.

2. Plan the Transfers on Time

The wedding days are full of moving from one place to another. That’s why many couples decide to use wedding chauffeur hire services to take them from home to the venue. They can also use it for close family members who don’t have many options.

Sometimes the priest comes to the venue, but some couples want to get married in a church. London is a big city, and commuting through it takes time and effort.

But, the chauffeur wedding car hire companies are great for these occasions. They make your life easier and protect your nerves from breakdown.

3. Hire a Wedding Planner

Experienced wedding planners can arrange everything for you, including the hidden costs for every service. If your wedding budget allows you, hire a wedding planner to make sense of everything piling up on your to-do list.

Usually, they care for the venues, food, chauffeur services, and your custom requirements for sure. Not to mention that the whole process will be completely stress-free, and you will arrive home happy after the ceremony.

6 Ways to Make Your London Wedding Stress-Free

4. Don’t Schedule Manicure and Waxing the Morning Before Wedding

Cosmetic treatments should be done a few days before the reception. Many brides suffer complete meltdown if a nail falls off or their skin is red due to morning waxing.

It’s the same with the groom. Don’t shave your facial hair the same day to avoid sensitive skin and red spots on your face.

Even if you don’t usually have these issues, we all know that stress can make things worse for us. So, ensure the cosmetic treatments are done the day before the ceremony. The only exception is the bride’s hair, which must be tidy and fresh when she appears in her gown.

5. In Case the Weather Is bad

You can follow the weather forecast months in advance, but rainy days are so common in London. Many couples plan their ceremony according to that, and their plan B is in case the rain stops.

We suggest finding a venue that can move your wedding indoors at the last minute. It may cost more money, but it’s worth the stress saved.

Also, you will need an efficient transfer, so make sure you have some London chauffeur wedding car arranged, just in case.

6. Some of the Guests Are Making a Mess

Sometimes, guests can make a huge mess at the reception, especially if there is a “beef” between them. Maybe your aunts don’t talk to each other, so make sure you don’t sit them near each other.

If you are friends with a former couple, and you’ve invited them both, don’t put them close at the table. Plan these things in advance.

When there is food, booze, and loud music, things can quickly get out of control. And surely you don’t want your best day to turn into someone else’s drama.

We covered a few situations that can easily go bad if not planned on time. Make sure you or your wedding planner have everything in mind, including the reception plan, transfer services, and the complete guest list.

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