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5 Easy Ways to Check if SEO and Keywords are Working on Your Site

When you have invested a lot of time and money into SEO and keywords, but you don’t see an increase in traffic, it may be worth checking whether or not what you’re doing actually works. Up until recently, there were only a few simple ways to measure the performance of a website. In the present day, there are many tools available to help you measure your progress with keywords and SEO. The following five methods will help you determine if SEO and keywords are working on your site.

Checking if SEO and keywords are working on your site 5 easy ways

1. Using Google Analytics to check your website’s SEO

Imagine you are looking at your website’s analytics. You have your SEO and Keywords on your website, and you are curious to know if they are working. The question is, how do you go about finding that out?

To know if your website is being found by search engines, you need to examine the analytics. In addition to being used on more than 25% of all top 10,000 websites, Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics software. The SEO section of Google Analytics can tell you if search engines are able to find your website if you are using its analytics software. You might want to consider switching to Google Analytics if you aren’t already using it. Using Google Analytics is really easy too.

2. Track the ranking of your site using a keyword tracking tool

A keyword tracking tool (some people call keyword tools) can be used to track your progress on a particular keyword or phrase. By entering the keyword or phrase you wish to track, these tools will show you the number of times the SEO and Keywords or phrase has been searched and what your ranking is for that keyword. Additionally, the tool will show you a list of keywords similar to the one you entered and show you the ones that are most frequently searched.

3. Keep track of your keyword ranking every day

A daily check of your keywords will give you the most accurate picture of their performance. Besides Google Analytics’ keyword research tools, you can also use other keyword research tools to check how you’re doing. There are many SEO tools available, but is one of the most popular ones. To save time, it’s better to invest in a keyword checker for agencies that automates the process so that you can keep checking them as often as you want. While you are working on your SEO and Keywords strategy, you should check these sites every day.

There might be something wrong if you are not performing daily checks. The day after you post, the day after the next, and the week after that, you should check your web page rankings.  Your daily keyword performance will help you determine how important your keywords are.

4. Keep an eye on your bounce rate and time on site

When someone visits one page of your website, then leaves, they’re called a bounce. It means your website didn’t meet your visitors’ expectations when they bounce. In other words, knowing how frequently people bounce off your site is helpful. In Google Analytics, you’ll get a lot of information, but here are two things you can look at to determine if people are leaving your site:

  • This is the bounce rate. It’s a measure of the number of visitors to your site who leave after viewing just one page. In the example above, if you have 100 sessions and 50 of them are single-page sessions, your bounce rate is 50%.
  • Visit time: the amount of time spent on the website on average. Keep an eye on the average time spent on your site to determine if it’s increasing. In addition to showing you how much time people spend on your site and how many pages they typically view, it gives you a picture of how many pages they view on average.

5. A keyword ranking isn’t enough; you also need to look at the amount of traffic and leads that it generates

The majority of people think they’re doing great when they rank for a lot of keywords. In that case, they think they’re doing an amazing job when they get some leads. When that happens, they’ll get more leads and think they’re doing a great job.

Once they realize they need to optimize their on-page SEO and Keywords, they’ll take action. It’s not hard to optimize your site’s on-page SEO. It’s important to make sure your title, meta description, and body content are conversion-optimized. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your SEO, you should check your keyword ranking as well as your on-page SEO and Keywords.



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