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Uniform Dating Review: A Dating Site for Service Members

Uniform Dating has made it easier than ever to meet singles with similar interests by providing an online dating community geared towards service members and veterans of the military. As this dating site grows in popularity, many singles are becoming increasingly interested in the services it provides to active service members. To help you decide if this site could be right for you, we put together an in-depth review outlining all of Uniform Dating’s features, costs, safety, and potential scams so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use it. Take a look at our comprehensive review below!

How does Uniform Dating work?

Uniform Dating does exactly what it says on its cover – it’s a dating site for people in uniform. All of its users have to be verified by email and photos that match up with military photo ID. So, even if you are using a fake profile you will still get verified by a photo. The site doesn’t require you to use your real name or any other details of your identity so there is no way anyone will know who you really are unless they happen to know your Facebook username. It costs $29 per month, which is cheaper than most other sites of its kind. And, Uniform Dating has an extensive user base (nearly 40k) so there are more options than on some smaller websites.

Costs of Using Uniform Dating

Uniform Dating is free to join. There are no fees of any kind and membership is open to both males and females. The site has a large membership of male and female service members, but if you would like a more customized experience you may purchase a VIP membership that allows you to receive messages from only those who have already shown interest in your profile. This can be helpful since it narrows down some of your match search results if you are looking for someone specific. You do have to pay a fee, but with great membership options available it is well worth it!

Safety & Scams

So, safety is obviously an important factor to consider when dating. One of UniformDating’s best features is their thorough screening process, which combats scammers and sites that aren’t always honest with their members. New users must be invited to join by current members of service who are at least one rank higher than them, and each new member must pass a background check in order to join. In other words, if a service member says they’re a captain in Afghanistan but they don’t have documentation from a legitimate military source saying so, they won’t be allowed on the site. This ensures that everyone you talk to has proof of who they are and what their situation is; no scammers slipping through here!

The Final Verdict

Uniform Dating is a new dating site that’s gaining some traction in its niche. The most unique thing about Uniform Dating is that it bills itself as a dating service just for people who are members of the military, law enforcement, firefighting, and EMS communities. With so many users sharing a single profession, it can be challenging to strike up an engaging conversation or find anyone you might have something in common with – but we think that fact makes it pretty cool! If you’re looking to find a date in one of these professions and specifically want someone who shares your experience on and off duty, then Uniform Dating could be worth signing up for.



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