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The Tourism Industry In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the second biggest tourism destination in the whole of the middle east. Saudi visa is not difficult to get for the tourists to get around the world. In 2017 over 16 millions tourists came to the country. Saudi Arabia is a natural tourist destination due to its religious destination for the Muslims. Saudi Arabia visa is not charging any visa fee for the tourist for religious activities like Hajj and Umera. 

Leisure tourism is also growing in the country. The tourism sector is going to provide white oil for the country. The  sector is expected to produce around $ 25 billions in futures. The tourism destinations are the Hijaz, Sarawat mountains, Red Sea diving, and a number of ancient destinations and the ruins of the ancient nations. Saudi Arabia is the most desired destination for the tourists around the world especially for the Muslims tourists. The Saudi visa has been processed with the help of the private tourism agencies. These agencies are sharing the processing load with the Saudian government authorities.

The tourism industry added around 9 % to the country’s economy in 2018 according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). The total economy of Saudi Arabia is around $ 65.2 billions, which is quite a huge figure. Visa for Saudi Arabia  is also to visit oil enriched places across the Arabian Peninsula . The Arabian Peninsula is full of oil reserves, which is the most precious reserve in the world. 

The USA investment in exploring the oil in the Arabian Peninsula is staggering, there are many oil refineries in the country, which are owned by the USA investors. The Saudi and USA partnership in exploring the oil reserves in the region is quite remarkable and exemplary in the world. The  Saudi visa has been considerably relaxed for the investors and businessmen coming to the USA to promote the business activities in the country.

The Saudi arabia tourist visa procedure has been made easy for tourism especially coming from Europe and from the USA. The Country’s tourism industry is always growing as religious tourism supports tourism enormously. Now other countries in the world are not the desired destination of many tourists in the world. Saudi Arabia tourist visa was started in 2013, after that there is an influx of tourists across the world, and most of the tourists came from European countries, the USA, Canada, and China.

The tourists are also coming with a purpose to this country, they want to invest in various sectors like tourism and also in the hoteling sectors. We are discussing the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia, and its potential in the future:

The Sadia Arabia tourism industry

In 2013, Saudi Arabia started to issue the Saudi tourist visa, and the main intention behind that was to increase tourism in the country. The visa for Saudi Arabia fee was announced at $ 80 for 49 countries around the world. The Saudi visa can be getable via the online channel or by the on-arrival visa platform for these 49 countries. The other countries do not fall in this category. The tourists mainly come from the USA, UK, and China. The popular tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia are Makkah, Madina, Tabuk, Jeddah and Riyadah, and the Mada’in Salih. The Saudi visa is most attractive for religious tourists and also for historians.

The country was the home of prehistoric nations, and the researchers are finding many ruins of such nations around the country. The country has 13 international airports and the best hoteling resorts around the country to accommodate tourists around the world. There are 15 domestic airports in the country connected to the local areas inside the country for the facility of the tourists. The easy price and budget airlines are available inside the country like the Flynas, Flyadeal, Nesma Airlines. These airlines are providing the best inside-the-country traveling facilities and the best airline traveling facility.

Historically the Saudi Peninsula is the hub of business and transportation across the country. The port of Jeddah and Yemen was used for transportation from this area to the Byzantine areas. At this time Syria was occupied by the Romans. Nowadays, the red sea is the main transportation between Asia and Africa. Saudi visas are applied by businessmen across the world, as they are connected with multinational companies, and they are transporting their material from Asia to Europe.  The passage of the Red Sea and the Canal Sawaze is one of the busiest transportation routes in the world.


The tourism industry in Saudi Arabia is always growing due to its potential. Religious tourism has the main impact on the tourism industry. The Saudi visa procedure has been made easy for tourists. The country is also providing the best possible accommodations for the tourists, to promote the tourism industry in the country.

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