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Top 10 House Cleaning Services Companies in Nottingham, UK

Hiring a house Cleaning Services is a great way of making sure your home is always in tip-top shape. Whether you have a hectic full-time job or are a busy parent, hiring a professional cleaner will make your life a lot easier. But which company should you hire?

These days there are so many different companies to choose from, and they all offer different levels of service. So how can you find the right house cleaning British company for you?

We’ve scoured the internet for reviews and testimonials from people who have actually used these services, and we’ve come up with this list of the top 10 House cleaning services in Nottingham, UK.

House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services have been around for a long time. They are popular because they allow people to focus on other tasks while someone else handles their home. House cleaning services can be costly, but there are ways you can save money.

For example, some people hire a housekeeper once a week to do the heavy cleaning and then do the light cleaning themselves. You can also try finding a service that offers an hourly rate or a flat monthly fee. Here is a list of questions to ask before hiring a housecleaning servic.

clean fabric sofa can be both beautiful and expensive, but it’s likely that your kids will make it dirty. If you don’t want to spend time and money on professional House Cleaning Services, here are some ways for you to clean your fabric sofa without water.

Star of service

Star of House Cleaning Services is a company that specializes in customer service. They provide services for different types of companies, from retail to real estate. Star of Service is an organization that values the importance of customer service in today’s society. They are not satisfied with just helping customers, but want to exceed their expectations by providing them with great service.


Capewell Window Cleaning Company

Clean windows can make a property look more attractive and increase its value. But, all property owners don’t have the time or inclination to clean their windows themselves. That’s where Cape ell Window Cleaning Company comes in.

We offer window House Cleaning Services for residential and commercial properties in the greater Boston area that are done by our professional window cleaners. You can be assured that your windows will be sparkling clean with no hassle on your end.

In addition to window cleaning, we also do pressure washing of decks, porches, patios, siding, and walks as well as gutter cleaning and trimming. Click on this link to read more about our services or give us a call anytime for a free estimate!

Sparkles Cleaning

Nestled on the edge of the University of Nottingham’s Campus, Sparkling House Cleaning Services are a local company that specialize in in-house house cleaning and also offer help with dusting, vacuuming and other general tidying.

They provide individual and national pricing, so you can easily compare all the pros and cons before making a decision. Their top service, Smart Home Services, will set you back £50.00, but you can also choose from other rates that are available.

A spokesman from the company told us, “We are committed to providing friendly and reliable services that are tailored to your individual needs.”

Handy Maids

Handy Maids are another great choice if you’re looking for a cleaner. They offer a very personalized service and are very reliable, so they’re also a good choice if you’re new to the area and not sure who you can trust.

You’ll need to put in an application form to be considered for the cleaning job, but most of the time the company gets back to you within 24 hours to let you know if they’ve found anyone suitable.

Handy Maids can offer three cleaning rates: standard, prompt and peak. The standard rate for the most basic cleaning will be £45.65, while the prompt rate will cost you £47.90 and the peak rate will set you back £48.55.

Other than that, Handy Maids are also willing to do regular inspections to ensure that you’re happy with their work.

Handyman Home Services

For cleaners who don’t have a lot of cleaning experience, Handyman is perfect. Handyman’s network of cleaners have hundreds of years of experience between them, and this gives them the perfect chance to prove themselves and work their way up to owning their own home cleaning business.

This company specializes in domestic House Cleaning Services, and you can expect the highest quality of service from them. With the highest customer satisfaction rates of any House Cleaning Services in Nottingham, Handyman is a great choice for anyone looking for reliable service.

Handyman’s reviews give customers a chance to tell their story of using the service. In some cases customers say that the result was exactly as they expected, in other cases the customer says that they were less than impressed.

Housekeeping Nottingham

Housekeeping Nottingham is a professional house cleaning company. We offer weekly, fortnightly, and monthly cleans. We also provide a one-off spring clean service or a “deep clean” for special occasions.

We only use the latest cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products. Our cleaners are vetted and highly experienced in all aspects of domestic cleaning. All our customers receive a detailed checklist detailing the tasks completed during the visit, before we leave your home to ensure you’re satisfied with the clean!

We’ve been operating for over 10 years. As such, we know what it takes to deliver quality work that always exceeds your expectations! If you’re looking for a housekeeper that provides exceptional customer service and satisfaction then get in touch today and let

Anya’s Cleaning Services

Whether you own a home or apartment, or need a one-time house cleaning, Anya’s Cleaning Services in Los Angeles is a premier provider of quality, affordable residential and commercial House Cleaning Services.
The benefits of hiring us include:

-Our eco-friendly cleaning products are non-toxic and biodegradable
-Full service includes regular home cleanings
-We use only the most modern equipment for dusting, polishing furniture and mirrors, scrubbing floors, washing windows & blinds etc.
We offer both weekly and one time services to meet your needs. To learn more about what we can do for you, or to schedule an appointment today, please call (202) 555-1234

Local Cleaners 4 U

Have you ever had to walk into a store with the clothes that had been sitting in your closet for weeks? We all have, and it’s not pleasant. Clothes that haven’t been worn tend to get stagnant and do not smell good. This is why professional cleaners are so important.

It would be difficult to find someone who has never needed their clothes cleaned before. Whether it’s because of stains on your favorite shirt, spills on your favorite dress, or just because you want something smelling fresh for another day, there are many reasons why you might need local cleaners 4 u.

Domestic Cleaning Company

Keeping the house clean is a difficult task, and it’s not one that everyone enjoys. However, there are some fantastic domestic cleaning companies around to help make your life easier. You can find one near you by searching online for a company in your area. To find the best company for you, take a look at their website and see what services they offer.

Find out if they specialize in particular tasks like kitchen or lounge cleaning. You should also check what other customers say about them on social media or review sites like Google and Yelp. Finally, contact the company and book an appointment for a free quote and estimate!

Home maid cleaning 

Home maid cleaning is the best way to get your home in order. If you are looking for a way to lighten your load, this article will help you find a great option for professional cleaning services.

In the long run, hiring a maid service will save you time and money. You will have your home clean without having to do it yourself or spending hours each week doing so. In order to find the right company for your needs, there are some things that you should look for. This article has tips on how to choose a maid service that is right for you and what type of cleaning they offer.

Final Words

We hope this helps you when it comes to finding the right house cleaning service for you. Don’t forget to read our list of the best independent carpet cleaners Nottingham, UK.

If you have any more questions about this list, feel free to leave a comment below.


More Ways to Find House Cleaning Services Nottingham, UK

If you need to hire a cleaning service in Nottingham, UK, you can always try their online services to make sure you get the best prices and first response times.

You can compare all of the cleaning companies in Nottingham, UK in one place by searching the service finder below.

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