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Top 10 Best Gyms In Glasgow

Best Gyms In Glasgow has a wealth of gyms to choose from, and the market is constantly changing. But if you’re thinking about joining a gym, it can be difficult to decide which one suits your needs best. This list will help you pick the right gym for you.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of Best Gyms In Glasgow. Each gym has been ranked based on their facilities, equipment and staff. So whether you’re looking for a specific type of workout or want to find out more about each gym before choosing, this list is your go-to resource.

Best Gyms In Glasgow

Lifestyle Fitness, Best Gyms In Glasgow largest fitness gym, offers a wide variety of group fitness classes and is perfect for people who want to learn something new or want to try something more challenging. Gyms here include Cardio Ninja, one of the city’s best kickboxing classes, beginner spin, Body Pump and more.

Or if you’re looking for something a bit more specialist, the gym also offers yoga, pilates, Qigong and power yoga. Plus if you’re looking for a bit more personalised attention, Lifestyle Fitness offers their own personal training courses. Lifestyle Fitness also offers up to 4 weeks free trial offers, including free membership. They also have evening classes, too, to cater for students and working professionals.

Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym

Nuffield Health is a popular chain of Best Gyms In Glasgow, health spa and health club, that have facilities in Scotland, England and Ireland. The gym provides the best of both worlds. You can train in a state of the art gym with world class equipment, or you can relax in a beautiful water therapy centre. The gym offers a wide range of classes to help you get fit, and also offer a vast array of different classes and social groups for those looking to meet like minded individuals.

Curious to see what the facilities and gym have to offer? Book a tour of the Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing gym. Glasgow Gymnastic & Fitness Gym The Best Gyms In Glasgow Gymnastic & Fitness gym has many exciting facilities to choose from. With a variety of different types of equipment, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone.

The Gym Glasgow South

Opened in 1837 and voted ‘the best gym’ by Best Gyms In Glasgow-based website nbxtc.com, The Gym Glasgow South has gone from strength to strength. The building was previously an A&E department, and the majority of the gym is underground, which is great for those suffering from claustrophobia. To complement this, the showers are also in the basement, and there are fully fitted changing rooms to make you feel more at home.

In addition to the heated, outdoor pool, the gym has an in-house spa, sauna, steam room and a gym bar. It also has two classrooms and an open-air dance floor. Gym Stirling offers yoga and spin classes, along with spin bikes, gym equipment and free weights. It has all the usual amenities, including a massage suite, spa area, pool, gym and squash courts.

Sports Direct Fitness Glasgow Argyle Street

With over 120 sports machines and spacious multi-floor gym, Sports Direct Fitness is a no frills but super effective gym. The gym is not just for gym goers and members, but also for guests, and is a great option for those wanting to have a little bit of fun and help out members’ family and friends. It’s a large, centrally located gym which is great for those that want to get a sweat on.

Although this gym is great for fitness beginners, there are a number of strength training machines for those who want to give their strength and endurance a boost. The gym is free to enter, and the locker room is fully equipped, including the digital shower. With a wide range of both cardio and strength machines, it is perfect for anyone looking to build up a good workout routine.

The Gym Glasgow Bothwell Street

A large space with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, The Best Gyms In Glasgow Bothwell Street boasts an indoor swimming pool, air-conditioned fitness studios, personal trainers, exercise machines, classes and much more. This gym provides a modern and clean environment with great facilities. It offers yoga classes, boot camps, personal training and a corporate fitness package.

A low-cost and high-quality gym, Corsair’s Place offers comprehensive weight loss programmes and fitness assessments to help motivate its members. It also offers access to the Hydrofitness pool. Allium Fitness Heart of the City 24 Stirling Road

Emirates Arena

Emirates Arena is located in Best Gyms In Glasgow East End, and caters to all fitness levels. With a mix of cardio machines, free weights, fitness classes, spinning classes and a large number of personal trainers, the facility provides plenty of variety for beginners and gym pros. If you’re considering a change in gyms, or just looking to get a head start on your new fitness regime, then look no further.

Emirates Arena offers plenty of facilities and assistance to make sure you hit the ground running. MetroCard users can use the Emirates Arena train station directly from their day tickets. All of the gym’s equipment is located at the train station. Gym card holders can then access their locker rooms and equipment to get started right away.

PureGym Glasgow Bath Street

If you want a gym that’s fit for a Warrior, then head over to Best Gyms In Glasgow Bath Street. This impressive gym offers the perfect mix of functional training and high-intensity interval training, as well as all the equipment you could ever want. A PureGym membership includes a gym kit, a free trial period, free personal training sessions, free weights and cardio machines, as well as 24/7 access to Pure Gym’s online fitness community.

It has a total of 605 (out of a possible 709) free classes and fitness facilities, including yoga, pilates, spinning, hiking, boxing, martial arts and more. For example, PureGym offers Dynamic Cardio dance classes, yoga, pilates, kayaking, spinning, jogging and even a zumba class.

Extreme Gym

Dubbed ‘The People’s Gym’, Extreme Gym is for those who are looking to use the workouts as their own personal sport. Open 24 hours a day, Extreme Gym has over 30,000 sq ft of high quality equipment. The walls are covered in motivational pictures and quotes, and there’s even a map of the UK – perfect if you’re looking to travel the UK and find new training areas.

It’s definitely a gym that lives up to its name! Check out their list of workout classes If you want a gym that you can go into any time of the day or night, and expect to see other members, then Extreme Gym is for you. Crossfit Blackfauld has been an established club for many years, having received gold medal status for its programme’s unique mix of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting.

Arlington Baths Club

Located on the Southside, Arlington Baths is a free standing gym, offering free training sessions, as well as private packages. The club’s facilities include an Olympic sized swimming pool, squash courts and a Best Gyms In Glasgow with changing rooms and showers.

Kung Fu Body Studio is a family run gym that prides itself on its holistic approach to fitness, with classes that are much more than just workout sessions. A full service personal training studio will also be available on location. It’s open 24/7.

Glasgow Central Fitness & Wellbeing Gym

The Gymnastic Centre & Fitness Gym at Best Gyms In Glasgow Central provides services which include; Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing, Qigong, Weight Loss, Group Workouts, Flexibility and Endurance, Light Weight Training, Nordic Walking and more. They offer an extensive range of workout classes, including Yoga, Cardio Boxing and Running.

There are over 50 high intensity machines with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, which offers maximum resistance. The gym has 4 classes per day, from 5.30am to 8.30pm, providing personalised workout plans for people of all fitness levels. The gym has a great selection of food for those who are hungry and a hairdresser is on hand if you need some pre-workout snacks.

Pure Gym

Pure Gym is an all-encompassing gym that offers fitness classes, cardiovascular equipment, kids’ facilities, weights, cardio machines, and more. It’s a pretty great package, which has helped Pure Gym achieve the ‘Best New Gym’ status. Not only does the Best Gyms In Glasgow provide a tonne of exercise equipment, it also hosts a host of different exercise classes.

Such as group fitness, personal training, powerlifting, pilates, yoga, and even boxing. Pure Gym also boasts a huge location on Barrow Street which has a view of the Buchanan Galleries. Facilities: Best Gyms In Glasgow offers a huge range of equipment, which you can either buy, rent or have delivered. Best Gyms In Glasgow also has a brilliant 24/7 gym concierge service.

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