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Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

Since you were young, you must have heard quite a few stories about gangsters. Liverpool is a city where one can hear real gangster stories from the same area. Indeed, that’s true. There have been a number of dangerous Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters, primarily drug dealers who dealt in violent crimes. From big boss baby to the devil, these gangsters are known for having dangerous minds and crazy nicknames. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022.

In 2022, here are the top 10 Liverpool gangsters

1. The Lam

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

A key member of Liam Cornett’s inner circle was Michael Rice. The Home Office hired additional sources for the detectives because Lam’s crimes had such an impact on the U.K. The Home Office described Lam as a constant thorn in the sides of the communities of Merseyside. In the United Kingdom, Liam Cornett was known as The Lam and was responsible for the distribution of class A drugs. A member of Huyton of Liverpool, he belonged to the family.

His earnings were so significant that he bought a Bentley and wore a watch worth thousands of dollars. There were several raids conducted across England, Wales, and a few other places in 2018, including an operation called Anvil and another called Valkyrie. Among the heaviest sentences delivered to Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters during 2018, Liam Cornett’s 28-year-old sentence was one of the heaviest.

2. The Maniac

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

There is nothing less than a mystery movie in The Maniac. In 2011, he emerged after an interception of a 1,100kg cocaine shipment led to the loss of about £12 million for a Turkish drug lord. During the trial, the Turkish drug lord attributed his loss to the businessman through whom he shipped his drugs.

When the Turkish man was in prison, he decided to get his money back and hired a man to do it for him.

The Maniac was discovered by the cops through the conversations and phone calls in the Turkish manmade documents. In addition to the businessman’s everyday routine, the Maniac tracked down his family members, including his children. In his meeting with the businessman’s father-in-law, he told him all the information he had and that his family owed £12 million. As a result, the old man reported the incident to the police, and the Maniac was arrested.

3. The Devil

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

Stephen French, also called the taxman, was a former martial artist referred to as ‘the Devil’. There is a claim that he is the one who put Curtis Warren into the drug trafficking business after looting drug dealers and having a net worth of £20 million. In the past, he was a peace activist and an anti-gun activist.

According to him, after hearing the voice of God in 2018, he has been changed and has left the criminal world.

4. Mr Big

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

The criminal career of Paul Massey, also known as ‘Mr Big,’ began when he was just 12 years old. In his early criminal career, he committed burglaries and thefts. Afterwards, he was sent to an approved school where he experienced a lot of violence and somehow learned to cause it. It was originally planned that Mr Big would be jailed for 14 years, but he was reduced to 10 years over an appeal in 1999.

In the aftermath of his release from jail, he tutored another gang. He later ran two security companies until, in 2015, he was fatally shot by an employee of Uzi.

5. The Iceman

Paul Massey, known as Mr Big and John Kinsella, was shot by Mark Fellows, a father of two, a sous chef and a fitness freak. Fellows is known as The Iceman because he is a cold shooter. His crime was contract killing, and he received a life sentence, something which is rare in exceptional cases.

6. The Killer

As an old-school armed robber from Huyton, where The Lam was born, Charlie Seiga was from a family of criminals. The Killer used to steal wages and rob people. Having served over fifty years in prison, he was seventy years old when he began his criminal career. The man said that at the age of 50 he had been reformed and was a new person.

7. Big Boss Baby

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

Lewis Turner took control of a family-run gang after the leaders were jailed and put himself on the ‘Big Boss Baby’ label. Cheshire Town was supplied with good quality cocaine and MDMA by him and his partner Antony Morgan. He was primarily responsible for collecting money from drug buyers, which involved terrifying violence.

As a result, he was caught and sentenced for conspiracy to supply cocaine and MDMA.

8. Cocky Watchman

Curtis Warren, also known as the ‘Cocky Watchman,’ mastered committing other crimes such as armed robbery after stealing a car in his teenage years. The nickname “Cocky watchman” was used for Cocky Warren due to the fact that he was a security guard.

A prisoner was killed by Warren, who ran an international drug ring, had an affair with one of the officers, and ran an international drug ring behind bars. In addition to his biography, Curtis Warren wrote one with Peter Walsch, whose copy was found in the house of the officer with whom he had a six-month relationship.

9. The Bear

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

The enforcer of the Tobin drug empire was Rob Boughton. The Tobin brothers hired him to collect money from the other notorious Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters who bought drugs from them. This drug empire relied on him as its ‘muscle’. After officials seized £20 Million worth of cocaine, the empire collapsed.

In the past, Rob Boughton had been a cage fighter, but now works in the criminal world. He is known as ‘The Bear’. During his time working for the Tobin brothers, he was part of one of the largest drug empires in the world.

10. Docker

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

The ‘Docker’, also known as Alan Daniels, was known for shooting people. Charles Baldwin was seriously wounded by his gun because he was the one who shot him. Alan Daniels was hired by gangs to resolve disputes that might lead to shootouts.

Final thoughts

Here are the Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters from the late 1900s who were part of Liverpool’s criminal underworld. There was nothing less than a movie script in these gangsters’ stories, but they were very dreadful and not to be repeated. Many people experience violence, so always watch out for your family members if they are being hurt or even involved in criminal activities, and keep yourself aware, safe and happy!

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