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5 Tips To Steal The Show This Eid

Eid is one of the most fashion-forward days for Muslims. If you have a passion for fashion and want to steal the show then you need to know where to find the right Eid clothes and how to look incredible in them. From hairstyles to hijabs, and everything in between, this glorious holiday is all about the celebrations and the triumphs of going through Ramadan. While there is a lot of planning that goes into Eid, don’t forget about stealing the show with your outfit! So here are some helpful tips for achieving that!

Think about the style you’re wanting

It’s very important to plan your outfit ahead of time while you have some mental clarity. Ideally, this is something that’s best to do before Ramadan. So just think about how many outfits you want for the celebrations and what you’d like to wear. Whether you’re looking for traditional Pakistani clothes for Eid or something a little more modern, it helps to first know what you want and prepare that.

But it can be a bit difficult thinking of the type of style that you may want when you have multiple options. From semi-casual, dressy, to completely traditional, it helps to do some research, see what’s in your wardrobe, and then check out some options that are online.

Wear what makes you feel confident

The saying goes “when you look good, you feel good” and that is completely true! During Eid, let alone any celebration, you’re going to want to feel good about yourself, feel confident! Having a stylish outfit can make a massive difference in the vibe of your celebrations this upcoming Eid. So what’s something that you know will make you feel confident and happy this Eid? This is crucial as you’re going to want to have the best time with your family and friends when celebrating Eid.

Try something you’ve never tried before

Go bold or go home! How about trying something you’ve never tried before? This can be a colour or design you’ve never worn before. Pastels are a great example, they can be worn by everybody, you can look elegant, and turn heads thanks to the boldness of your outfit. But it doesn’t have to be all about the colours either for your Eid outfit. Maybe find a blouse or gown that’s completely intricate. The soft glam of studs, pearls, or sequences truly help accentuate your look.

Be vibrant

A lot of the standard colours you’ll see during Eid are yellow, white, browns, and maybe some other earthy tones. While these tones are very beautiful, you can expect that many others during the celebration will be sporting these colours as well. So why not be a little different? Eid is one of the best times for being vibrant in the colours you wear, it is a celebrant after all!

Have fun!

Eid is all about sharing joy with others, especially your loved ones. Clothing is one of the best ways to express yourself and express your feelings. Fashion isn’t just about looking good, but it’s excellent for reflecting that you’re feeling good as well. Eid is not a competition on who can dress the best, just have fun this upcoming Eid.

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