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6 Tips to Increase Air Circulation in the Home

Stuffiness can turn any home into an uncomfortable space. Sometimes, it could be one room is colder than the other, and you just can’t seem to understand why. Or your HVAC filter could be working well, the air is clean, but not enough fresh air circulation to all rooms. Sounds like your current problem? No problem. We got some tips to help you increase air circulation in your home.

1. Open the Doors and Windows

This might seem like an obvious tip to many, but some people tend to forget to open windows in some rooms. Remember, opening your home up is the fastest way to get fresh air in. However, this tip is efficient in relatively dry seasons, when you don’t have to worry about the dust in the air or some allergic pollen count. If there are some rarely used rooms within your home, make a point of opening them often for proper circulation. You don’t want the air in there contaminating the whole house when you finally need to use them. Window openers will come in handy here.

2. Get fans

Sometimes, especially on hot and humid days, opening windows and doors won’t help much. At such a time fans will help in boosting the airflow. Keeping your air conditioner running, and letting your HVAC do its work, will help you deal with poor airflow.

3. Declutter

Obstacles can limit the amount of air fresh air circulating within your home. Always ensure there is no clutter covering the vents. Most of the time, the furniture, and even drapes can get in the way. Also, remove any unnecessary items from your space, then clean the piled-up dirt, debris, and dust from your space. They can easily block your duct system requiring professional cleaning services.

4. Invest in Air Quality products

There are numerous quality air products in the current market. From air purifiers, and ventilators, to dehumidifiers, they each work to ensure your home enjoys safe fresh air. If you are a pet parent, for instance, you would want to get rid of pet hair in your space, and other air pollutants. For those humid seasons, dehumidifiers will help control the excess moisture, and ventilators work to ensure only cleaned air gets into your home. However, ensure you only invest in quality products.

5. Add Some Indoor Plants

Plants are widely known for their air-purifying traits. So, why not get some houseplants to help keep your indoor space fresh. They will not only absorb toxins but also add a bit of aesthetic value to your space. Most of these plants are affordable, making them the easiest way to ensure your home has more oxygen flow.

6. Add Extra Ventilation in the Bathrooms and Kitchens

Some rooms in your home require more fresh air circulation than others, due to their nature of use. Bathrooms and kitchens are such good examples. They are always either dealing with vapour or steam, which significantly affects the airflow. So, if the air in these rooms seems stuffy most of the time, even with window opening types, consider installing exhaust fans to help out.

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