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Tips and Tricks on How to Maintain USB Flash Drive

Data storage is an integral part of our day-to-day life. In the past low amounts of storage could be found on very large devices. But as technology evolved, large storage capacities could be crammed into small devices.

Such technology was developed in flash technology. Flash technology enabled large data to be stored in small portable devices called USB Flash Drive. Flash drives are commonly used for data storage and transfer by students and in the office. In addition, the flash drive has reduced the hustles that come with data recovery services in situations where data is lost.

As much as flash drives are very reliable, they are also very sensitive. Flash drives if not well maintained can lead to huge data losses. This article will teach you how to maintain your USB flash drive.

Use Encrypted Flash Drives

USB flash drives are small portable devices that can store large amounts of data. Due to their small nature, they can easily lose. In case you lose your USB Flash Drive, you need to have a method of ensuring the safety of your data.

One method is by using encrypted flash drives. These are flash drives that require authentication before being used. The most common authentication method is by using passwords.

There are two methods of encrypting your USB Flash Drive. The first method is by using shelf hardware encryption. This is encryption that is found on the physical hard drive.

The second method is by using software to encrypt the device. This software is effective but is susceptible to cracking. Hardware encryption can not be easily bypassed.

Remember To Unplug From Computer When Not In Use

Always remember to unplug from your computer when not in use. Flash drives have a limited number of readings and write cycles before eventually wearing out. If not unplugged, flash drives will easily wear out.

In addition, remember to unplug your flash drive when editing data stored in the flash drive. It is advisable to first copy the material to your computer before editing it. This will minimize the risk of crashing or corrupting your flash drive.

This rule should also be observed when saving files. As mentioned earlier, flash drives have a limited number of reading and write cycles. Therefore, casually saving your files might minimize the lifespan of your device.

Always Update Your Computer

Computer updates are an important activity. This is because they ultimately determine the security of your data. Computer updates are boring and time-consuming but are necessary.

Failure to update your computer might lead to infection from malware. This malware can then be transferred to your USB Flash Drive. Once in your flash drive, they can corrupt the stored data.

In the worst-case scenario, they can also be transferred to your other devices. This is because flash drives are mostly used for data transfer. Be sure to always update your computer and anti-virus software.


USB flash drives are important devices in your office or academic life. It is a powerful tool for storage and data recovery services that give you an incredible experience. Therefore, flash drives should be properly taken care of. Always keep track of how you use your USB Flash Drive. The article above will teach you how to properly maintain your flash drive. Go through them and be enlightened.

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