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The Daily Health Supplements I Swear By

You’ll know from watching The Real Housewives of New York City that, each season, when the ladies of Manhattan take their annual “girls trip,” they inevitably spend half of their vacation discussing poop – who’s constipated and who’s not.

After just returning from a weeklong vacation in Menorca, I got into the same pattern with one of my besties (thankfully our friendship survived my constant chorus of “I’m bloated… I’m constipated”).

Most of you are aware that I have IBS, and my symptoms tend to get worse whenever I travel. At home I can easily avoid my main trigger foods (gluten, onions, and apples are the most common culprits); however, when I’m on the road it’s more difficult to restrict my diet (especially if I’m not cooking). As a result, during the first few days of my vacation, my digestive system was completely thrown out of whack.

I Swear By These Digestion Supplements

I met with nutritional therapist Henrietta Norton (gifted appointment) earlier this year to discuss my IBS. She quickly realized that I was taking the wrong kind of probiotics and recommended the Multi-Strain Biotic from Wild Nutrition, her line of Daily Health Supplements I Swear By.

The Wild Nutrition Multi-Strain Biotic has been the most effective treatment for my digestion dramas, so I switched over immediately. My personal experience has shown it to be the best probiotic for IBS (at least, it has been in my case). I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in my symptoms since I included it in my morning routine three months ago.

Because the Multi-Strain Biotic is a powder that is mixed with water, I did not bring it on vacation because I was afraid airport security would think I was smuggling cocaine. However, spending a week without it has made me realize how much better my quality of life is (which is, yes, very dramatic).

A feeling of bloating, constipation, and discomfort is not fun. It’s especially embarrassing when you’re on the beach wearing skimpy bikinis.

So, if anyone out there is struggling with their digestion right now, I think it’s worth taking a look at Wild Nutrition Probiotic. The price is £35 for a month’s supply, but you can subscribe to receive a jar every month, which brings the price down to around £30 per month (which is what I do).

As well as the Wild Nutrition Multi-Strain Biotic, I also take their digestive enzymes twice a day (if I remember correctly). Additionally, I am a fan of the Wild Nutrition Daily Multi-Nutrient. Overall, it’s a fantastic wellness line with Daily Health Supplements I Swear By for everything from digestion to menopause to fertility.

If you are suspicious of my gushing, don’t worry. This post isn’t sponsored. Nothing fancy or sophisticated here, just a blogger sharing something they really, truly enjoy!

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