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7 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist for your Business

Contacting your customers via phone is important to them. However, you cannot be available at all times to answer their calls.

An answering service that serves as your business’s front desk, taking messages and dealing with customer inquiries provides a virtual receptionist service.

Virtual receptionist services used by certain companies in the UK report significant increases in customer satisfaction and decreases in customer churn.

To help you decide if a virtual receptionist is a right solution for your business, we’ve compiled a list of the seven most compelling reasons to use one.

1. Customer service improvements

7 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist for your Business

You can be sure that a virtual receptionist will provide you with a much higher level of customer service than you could ever hope to accomplish alone. At, our receptionists are trained to handle inquiries, take messages, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Their location within a call centre means that they have the resources to deal with multiple inquiries at the same time – something that is impossible for an individual. Furthermore, they offer a personalized service, which is essential for small businesses that want to create a good impression with their customers.

2. Productivity Increase

7 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist for your Business

An added benefit of employing a virtual receptionist is that your company is more productive. You can focus on what you do best – running your business – rather than answering phones and dealing with customer inquiries. Additionally, you are able to devote more time to marketing and sales, which are crucial for the growth of your business. For small businesses, which often lack the resources to hire a full-time receptionist, this increased efficiency is a great benefit.

3. Economic effectiveness

7 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist for your Business

The service of a virtual receptionist is cost-effective for small businesses because you only pay for it when you need it. You can cancel at any time if you’re not satisfied with the service since there are no upfront fees or long-term contracts. Furthermore, you’ll save money on office space and equipment, as you no longer need to provide a desk and phone for your virtual receptionist. Payroll taxes and benefits packages are also not a part of the package, which further reduces the cost.

4. Enhanced Response Time

7 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist for your Business

The response time is one of the biggest problems with answering your phone. If you are available to take calls, it can take some time to answer the phone and handle the inquiry. It can lead to customers getting frustrated and hanging up, or worse, switching to a competitor. Through a virtual receptionist, this problem is solved on an instantaneous basis. When the phone rings, they answer it immediately and resolve the customer’s question fast and efficiently. Business owners who want to provide high-quality service will benefit greatly from this improved response time.

5. Flexible schedules

7 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist for your Business

Using the virtual receptionist service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can decide when and how often to use it. Businesses need to make themselves available outside of normal business hours because of this flexibility. Additionally, you can specify how many calls you want your virtual receptionist to handle and what types of inquiries they handle. Essentially, you can customize the service based on your specific needs. Additionally, there are times when there is a huge spike in calls, so having a virtual receptionist on hand can be extremely helpful. Your phone will be answered as soon as it rings and a message will be taken if you’re not available. You won’t miss an important call ever again.

6. Experienced and professional

7 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist for your Business

Receptionists are professional and experienced and have the knowledge and resources necessary to handle any inquiry. The customer service specialists are also trained in dealing with demanding customers and resolving problems. Businesses that want to provide a high-quality service can benefit greatly from this level of expertise. Also, for companies that receive many calls, it’s crucial because it allows them to handle them quickly and efficiently. Knowing that you’re talking to someone who knows how to handle your calls gives you peace of mind.

7. Adaptability

7 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist for your Business

Using a virtual receptionist has the additional benefit of being scalable. In other words, you can increase or decrease the number of calls your virtual receptionist handles. Especially for businesses experiencing a surge in calls or anticipating a busy period, this is essential. A virtual receptionist can either be employed full-time or part-time, based on your needs. Businesses that want to save money or only need help answering the phone during busy times will benefit greatly from this flexibility.

Businesses that want to offer excellent service to their customers should consider virtual receptionists. You will be able to guarantee your customers will always have someone to speak to, thereby increasing sales and leads while improving customer retention.


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