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Outward RDC-Volumetric Acceptance

Have you ever considered Royal Mail to be one of the country’s most reliable and trusted mailing companies? According to the British Postal Service, approximately 1.2 billion parcels were delivered between 2017 and 2018. In order to make sure your mail is delivered to you as requested, the Royal Mail follows a set procedure.

With Royal Mail, your parcel will be assigned a tracking link so it can be tracked online. You will notice that your order changes periodically under different tag names if you track it through their mail tracking system. This article will explain some of these terms so that you can track your parcel more easily.

How does Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance work?

If you have seen this term on your mail tracking dashboard, you might wonder what it means. Regional Distribution Center is short for Regional Distribution Center. Each Regional Distribution Center consists of a large warehouse, usually belonging to one or several companies where daily parcel deliveries are made. Before you ship out the parcel from the UK, it will be accepted at a Royal Mail Distribution Centre (RDC).

Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance

Your mail status will change to Outward Regional Distribution Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance after your parcel has been received at a Regional Distribution Centre. The warehouse has received your package and will schedule its shipment to the specified destination after it has been received.

How does Outward RDC Handheld Acceptance work

The parcel is returned to the warehouse after it has been marked “Accepted” and is not dispatched to the postage destination right away. At this point, the parcel is still in the system and will shortly be labeled for distribution. For example, if you purchase a printer from Amazon, once Amazon processes your order, it is given to Royal Mail to be distributed. Once it reaches Royal Mail, the parcel is considered “handheld acceptable”.

Do you know what RDC means in Royal Mail?

For letters and parcels to be delivered, they must first be collected into a warehouse, then redistributed to their various destinations. This is known as a Regional Distribution Centre within the United Kingdom. RDCs are made up of either one company or two companies. They are responsible for daily mailings.

Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance

What is the Royal Mail tracking process?

If you want to track your mail, the Royal Mail assigns you a mail number that you enter into their tracking system. Whenever your mail is scanned, the information is updated on the tracking system keeping you informed of the progress of your mail. You should note that the amount of scanning can vary depending on the service you use. Here are some of the terms you may encounter when using the tracking system.

Dispatch of the item

Once you have posted your mail, you notify Royal Mail that your mail has been delivered to them. Royal Mail can then update their tracking information and process your mail.

Received item

Your item has been received and is already in the Royal Mail system, which basically means that it is already in the Royal Mail system. When you choose delivery confirmation only, you will receive an update only when your item has been delivered, depending on the service you use.

Royal Mail Customer Service posted an item

A customer service representative has dropped off your item with details about the time, location, and date. This information is then entered into the Royal Mail system to track the delivery.

Technical issue internal to the company

It means that the Royal Mail has encountered technical system issues that have caused the regular mailing processes to be affected.

During transit

You will be notified when your item has been received and scheduled for delivery. Upon entering the system for delivery, it is then marked as “In Transit.”. Location and status details will be updated, and you can track this using the reference number.


Items are marked as pending for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  1. The fee to be paid – this occurs when the sender fails to cover the postage costs or when customs charges are applied.
  2. Through a redirection service, the recipient can choose to change the delivery address. In this case, the item will be delayed for a day or two.
  3. If the recipient purchases the Keepsafe service, the item can be kept at the delivery office for an extended period of time.
  4. A delivery attempt has been made, but there may be a problem obtaining your address from the postal service. There are difficulties accessing the address for mail delivery. An attempt will be made the following day to deliver the item.

Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance

  • Delivery is in progress

After your item has been marked ready for delivery, unless you purchase a Keepsafe service, it will be delivered as soon as possible. A delivery status update will appear under your tracking number on the tracking system.

  • Items delivered to a secure location

For some unavoidable reasons, you may not be available to accept your delivery, so you choose a safe location to accept it. We will update the status of your item once it has been delivered to a safe place.

  • The item is then retained.

There may be a Retention Service for business entities that cover those days when they are closed. Deliveries will not take place during these days, but only on days when the store is open.

  • Received

After delivery, this is updated with the recipient’s acceptance of the item.

Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance

Royal Mail’s other terms

such as PO – an acronym for Post Office

Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance – the item has been received into the system and is in the middle of the process.

Exchange Office – You will find an exchange office in every country where parcels are received before they are shipped out.

Bag received- missing- DUN – This error occurs when the label of your mailbag comes off. There is no need to panic, as Royal Mail replaces it and your item is not affected.

In conclusion;

Royal Mail is an efficient and easy way to send a letter or parcel since you can easily track the order’s progress. From dispatch to the collection, the mail will have to pass through a Regional Distribution Centre, which begins the mailing process. By using the tracking system, you can keep track of your order from when it is placed through to when it’s collected.

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