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OSRS Best Weapons to Obtain

Weapons that are the most powerful or useful

It is impossible for any adventurer with a sense of adventure to leave the house without a weapon. Despite its wonders and dangers, the world is full of surprises. Player characters can protect themselves with weapons, especially in combat-oriented games. We have listed the best weapons and their OSRS gold prices in OSRS, no different than elsewhere.

It’s God’s words

There was no denying that the God Wars marked a turning point in the history of Gielinor. Despite having happened many, many years ago, it continues to have an impact today. It’s also possible to find sealed locations that haven’t moved on, such as the God Wars dungeon. In this game, players will find a treasure trove of equipment they cannot find anywhere else.

There are Godswords in the dungeon, and that is why players go there. As far as stats and bonuses go, all of them have the same stats and bonuses, so from a stats perspective, they are all the same. As of OSRS Best Weapons, there are four Godswords available: Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos, and Armadyl. A blade is forged by fusing three pieces together and then attached to a hilt dropped by the boss of a camp.

The Saradomin and Armadyl ones are preferred by players since they are most useful for healing and offense, respectively. As a consequence, they are also quite expensive. As of the time of writing, their prices are 27.7M and 7.7M OSRS GP, respectively. You can walk anywhere with confidence with any one of these four since any one of them boosts your offense.

Blowpipes with toxic gases

The Toxic Blowpipe is an interesting weapon that won’t break the bank, but it won’t be as useful as the other weapons on this list. This weapon is a ranged weapon, so you can use it to spot enemies, and even if you are hit, you can heal yourself. With its Special Attack, Toxic Siphon, you can be healed for about half of the damage you were dealt. Furthermore, it can poison the enemy, causing them to take more damage.

As of writing, this weapon costs 1.6M gold, which makes it one of the cheapest. You can make one of your own with a Chisel and Tanzanite Fang if you have the correct Fletching levels.

Whip of the Abyss

With a different bent than the other weapons here, this is the weapon to use to practice Attack or Defense. The weapon’s +82 bonus both to Slash and Melee makes it a great choice for both attacks. A Kraken Tentacle upgrades to a Slash bonus of 90, and a Melee bonus of 86 when upgraded from a Kraken Tentacle. Other than 70 Attack (75 with the upgrade), there are no other requirements (quests or otherwise).

In the Grand Exchange, it currently costs about 2.1 million dollars. If they can’t defeat Abyssal Demons or Greater Abyssal Demons, they might be able to get the weapon from a lesser Abyssal Demon or Greater Abyssal Demon. When attacking Cave Krakens or The Kraken, you have a chance of getting a tentacle.

Vitur’s scythe

Whenever a weapon has the ability to hit three opponents with one swing, you know it’s an effective weapon. Furthermore, if your opponent is a large enemy, you’ll be hitting him three times in a row. Due to its characteristics, the Scythe of Vitur is considered a very desirable weapon by all types of players.

It’s unfortunately a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood minigame. Since it is bound to the player who gets it, it cannot be purchased on the Grand Exchange. There is no doubt that it is a weapon worth investing in OSRS gold for sale, but you will have to run the minigame until you obtain it.

An twisted bow

There is no doubt that this weapon is the most expensive on this list. When certain conditions are met, a Twisted Bow can be an effective reward from the challenging Chambers of Xeric. The bow might actually be weaker than other bows of the same level if it is not properly tuned. A force of nature can be unleashed when the right conditions are present.

Depending on the target’s Magic level, the Twisted Bow calculates its damage and accuracy. According to the general rule, the higher the level, the more accurate and damaging it is. Therefore, it is ideal for defeating certain targets, such as Commander Zilyana, the King Black Dragon, and even the Great Olm.

In order not to repeat the Chambers of Xeric, you need to spend about 1 billion gold. It can be worthwhile to buy OSRS gold for a weapon like this, however.

Final thoughts

It is possible that other weapons could be useful and strong as well. While many other favorites exist, these are among the most popular. There is no doubt that having any one of these will be helpful. The OSRS gold you spent on weapons is meant to be used, otherwise, they would be useless.

Be sure to take your weapons with you when you play the OSRS!



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