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MOT Check – What You Need to Know

The possibilities that open up to you once you get your driver’s license are endless. The convenience of travel without delays, the flexibility of choosing your own route, and the option of traveling wherever and whenever you want. In spite of this, owning a car comes with a number of responsibilities, one of which is the requirement to have your car MOTed once a year after the third year. If you are driving in one of the major UK cities, such as London, you are required to have a valid MOT Check. Let’s look at what you should know about your MOT Check.

Exactly what is it?

When the first motorways were built, the great number of decrepit vehicles on the roads of the UK were able to reach speeds they were never able to before. The MOT test, long for the Ministry of Transport, began in 1960. As a result, there had been a dramatic increase in accidents, many of them serious, and accident investigators had placed the blame squarely on cars that needed serious maintenance or to be scrapped. Initially, the tests were conducted on just three items: brakes, steering, and lighting, on vehicles older than ten years. There are upwards of thirty items on current tests (you can view the full checklist here) for vehicles more than three years old. In order to pass the test, your vehicle must have a minimal impact on the road, either through reducing emissions or by remaining easily visible, and therefore avoidable, as well as being able to steer the car safely and stop it in an appropriate location on the side of the road. Thanks to the enforcement of the MOT Check test, UK’s roads are much safer than ever before.

How much does it cost?

According to the government, the cost of an MOT Check is currently £54.85 for regular vehicles. Nevertheless, many garages offer cheaper MOTs and may even give away a free or heavily discounted MOT to a customer who has their car serviced by the mechanic before the MOT is conducted. It is not hard to find a trusted garage that performs MOTs, or you can arrange for your car’s MOT in London with Iverson Tyres.

If I don’t have my MOT, what will happen?

An invalid MOT usually means you don’t have valid insurance, because insurance coverage depends on your vehicle being legally compliant. If you are caught driving in a non-compliant state, you could be fined (up to £2,500) or lose your car, as the police may seize and destroy any vehicle. In the event that they seize your car and you do not want it destroyed, you will have to pay a £200 release fee plus £20 per day – plus the cost of repairing any faults! Considering that an MOT test is relatively inexpensive, it is simply not worth the risk!

What is the process for booking an MOT?

The process of booking an MOT Check is simple. You should then know when your MOT is due – it is the same every year and is usually a month or so before the date of purchase of the vehicle, usually three years before. It is possible to purchase a car that was declared SORN (no longer in use), but it will have an expired MOT Check, and you will have to arrange a test before the vehicle can even be parked on the side of the road. As soon as your vehicle receives its certificate, that will serve as your ‘anniversary’ for future MOTs. Whenever you schedule your MOT Check, you won’t have to worry about losing your anniversary, because you’ll receive a certificate that’s valid for thirteen months.


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