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Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the UK | 2022

There are a number of popular sports in the UK, with some being more famous than others. The most popular sport in the UK is football. It’s been the most popular sport since the late 19th century and it’s not expected to change any time soon.

If you’re into rugby, then you’ll want to know that it’s the second most popular sport in the country. The game continues to grow in popularity, due to its inclusion in the Olympics and World Cup tournaments. Cricket also has a lot of fans out there, coming in third for popularity among British sports fans.


Football is a sport that we all know and love. The beautiful game, as it’s sometimes called, has been around for centuries and is now one of the most popular sports in the uk. High-scoring and intense, football not only captures the attention of those who watch it but also those who play it.

A lot goes into the timing and precision of this ball sport, from training to nutrition to practicing on your own time. It can be difficult at first to learn how to play, but with time and patience you’ll be scoring goals like Ronaldo and making tackles like Messi in no time! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert player.


Ranked the 3rd most popular sport in the UK, Rugby Union was founded in 1871. With just over a third of the UK population playing Rugby union and about 3,300 clubs, it is one of the most played sports. Rugby union takes place in all of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Rugby union in Scotland takes place in three nations: Scotland, England, and Wales. Each nation is divided into several regions, which compete for a title of European champions. Each region has regional tournaments with national finals at the conclusion of each year.

In 2011, the All Blacks (the New Zealand national team) was the top ranked team in the world. The All Blacks have held this position since 2008, with the exception of 2013, when South Africa replaced them at the top of the rankings.


The six major sports in the UK are a mixture of professional and amateur or other types of teams. This list of the most popular sports in the UK highlights the fact that they can be divided into various sports. Cricket comes in first for sports played by teams. In terms of amateur, football (soccer) is the most popular with hockey and ice hockey in second and third place respectively. Athletics comes in fourth place for this category.

Next two years will see new sports join the list with several sports gaining popularity amongst the British population. Following the 2018 Winter Olympics, the number of the top ten most popular sports has increased from five to six with the addition of fencers and alpine skiing to the list.


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Athletics uk is there for you, no matter what your fitness goals are. Whether you want to bulk up, lose weight, or just tone up, they have the perfect program for you! From running clinics to boxing courses, they offer an extensive variety of fitness courses that will help you reach your goals in no time.

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Golf is a sport that people play all over the world. It’s traditionally played with clubs and balls, and each player plays by themselves on a course. There are many different forms of golf, but they all have one thing in common: they’re very difficult to master.

In this article, I’ll be discussing golf as it is played in the United Kingdom. In particular, I’ll look at how the future of the game might be shaped by Brexit and what that means for courses across England and Scotland.


Tennis is a very popular sport around the world. It’s played by people of all ages and it has been on the Olympic program since 1896. An average tennis court is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide, with a net stretched across the center of the court at 27 feet high.

The object of tennis is to win points. Points are won when one player fails to return the ball that was just hit over the net by their opponent, or if they fail to get into position in time to hit it back. You can play singles (just one person against another), doubles (two teams, usually two players per team) and mixed doubles (one male and one female per team). Also, you can play different types of matches: best


The popularity of swimming comes from the fact that it is a combination of several sports. In fact, when you watch the swimming in the Olympics, you might not notice that there is actually swimming at the Olympics.

You’ll see individual freestyle swimming, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and other strokes. You’ll also see relay swimming, where there are several athletes or teams swimming at the same time, often against each other.


The sport of fencing has been around for centuries. It is one of the oldest Olympic sports! There are many different types of fencing, but the most popular type in the United States is épée. The object is to score points by making your opponent hit the ground with their body or weapon. Fencing employs a variety of techniques and skills including footwork, strategy, and swordsmanship.

This article will teach you how to fence like a pro in just four easy steps. Read on to learn about the best equipment, getting started with the basics, improving your game, and finally where you can practice!


The main association in the UK for field hockey is England Hockey (EIHA). England Hockey has around 27,000 registered members (as at the June 2018 deadline) with 3,300 playing the game each week.

The England hockey team has always been of a good standard but it has had a disappointing showing since Rio 2016. With this in mind, they will be determined to win gold in Tokyo.

Just prior to Rio, England men’s hockey team won silver at the 2016 EuroHockey Championships in Amsterdam, and they then secured a place at the 2017 World League Finals in London. Unfortunately, they lost 2-0 in the final to Argentina, but it was a fantastic achievement given the status of the World League Finals.


2019 is to be the 10th year of Netball England’s Celebration of Netball campaign. It has been 10 years since netball made its debut in the Olympic Games. Netball continues to be an integral part of sport at both Youth and Senior level.

In England, netball is the largest participation sport by girls aged 11-14 and the second largest for girls aged 15-17. It has almost 5 million registered players across the UK. The girls have celebrated great success during this time with the England Team competing at the World Cup Sevens in Australia in 2017 and then qualifying for the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

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