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An African American celebrity news blog, Media take, targets African American celebrities. Websites like this one focus on celebrity gossip. On its home page, you can read about celebrities’ news, headlines, and comments.

Fred Mwangaguhunga created the site Media takeout on celebrity news in 2006. The site is now visited by millions of people every day after it became popular. As a result, mediatakeout is now getting 14 million views per day. This website has a value of more than a million dollars.

The information comes from some sources. The website was started by Fred Mwangaguhunga for just six hundred dollars. Since then, this site has generated millions of dollars for him. English is the language used on this website, which makes it easy to understand for everyone.  In addition to hip hop, you can find categories such as lifestyle, politics, and sports.

The following are some interesting facts about

1. In the year 2022, Mediatakeout has a history of:

In 2006, Fred Mwangaguhunga Beared A Blog Titled Mediatakeoutnews.Com With The Name Media take. Mediatakeoutnews.Com Is The History Of Media take. Basically, Fred Beings is An Online Laundry Business Owner. In 2007, Fred Quits His Laundry Business And Start A Blog With The Name Quitzier, Which is Based Itself Solely On Celebrity News And Gossip.

During the last few years, has exploded to become one of the top websites worldwide. Millions of people visit this website every month. 16 years have passed since this site was founded.

2. Mediatakeout Success Story:

Originally from Queens City, Fred Mwangaguhunga grew up in the city. At the beginning of his career, he worked as an attorney on Wall Street. He was finally able to start his own company after many years of hard work. Laundry spa was the name of the laundry business he started.

A celebrity gossip website based on celebrity news and gossip was created by him in 2006. He launched the site in January 2006, but it failed to turn a profit in the first six months. In the wake of the site’s growth, he quit his day job and started working on the site full-time.

According to a media advertising company in 2008, Media take had millions of users each month. Fred Mwangaguhunga made millions of dollars through advertising on his website as a result.

3. What You Need To Know About Mediatakeout:

Attention-Grabbing Mediatakeoutnews.Com Caught The Attention Of The Public At First Sight. Listen To The Most Interesting Fact About Mediatakeoutnews.Com You Should Know In 2022.

  • Taking T.V. on a new journey:

As soon as possible, Media take will start showing its content on television and radio. As a result, the company is launching a reality dating series. The video is played directly from the homepage of the website.

  • The following are the most popular social media accounts:

Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular social media sites that send users to this site. As a result of joining Facebook, the number of its users has gradually increased.

  • Stories exposed by high-profile news outlets:

Multiple High-Profile Stories Have Been Exposed By Mediatakeout.Com. They Do Not Care What People Say.

Dramatic And Breathtaking Headlines

Mto News’ Amazing And Sensationalist Headlines Convincing Readers To Click On The Site. As A Result, The Headlines Appear Much More Attractive Than The Actual News.


As of right now, Mediatakeout is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. There is no doubt that this is the most popular urban site targeted at African American celebrities in the world.

In the beginning, Fred Mwangaguhunga was a lawyer, but after starting Media take, he became a worldwide celebrity. It has now been announced that he does not want to return to the legal profession. There are estimates that put his net worth at 10 million dollars.

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