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Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Instagram SEO Including Instagram Hashtag Strategies

You can boost your brand with Instagram SEO by first tapping into the platform. Listed below are some tips for Instagram SEO.

In case you’re grappling with low engagement on Instagram posts, it’s time to up your Instagram hashtag game and optimize your Instagram account’s SEO to gain more followers.

Instagram’s user base is one billion strong – and growing. To take advantage of these customers, you will need to make sure that your content is reaching the right people through the various Instagram filters Instagram applies.

Using best Instagram practices from the experts at Flick, here’s how to build an Instagram SEO strategy that actually works.

Algorithms used by Instagram

There are many mysteries surrounding the Instagram algorithm. However, it is very straightforward: Instagram rewards you for getting the most engagement.

You can reach more users and attract more Instagram followers by building and improving your user engagement.

A number of key concepts can be used to define user engagement, including:

  • Accessible: Your Instagram appears when relevant keywords are searched for and is tagged on relevant posts by others.
  • Easily accessible: Hashtags help you reach relevant users, making your content visible to those who are searching for it.
  • Attractive: The stories and posts you write on Instagram are nicely written and engaging.
  • Interactions: Your content is engaged in interactions such as followers, tagging, likes, comments, saving, sharing, and so on.

Your Instagram profile and posts are more likely to rank highly in Instagram’s algorithm if you focus on these aspects of user engagement.

Are Instagram Hashtags heavily relied upon for Instagram SEO?

The relationship between hashtags and Instagram SEO is somewhat different from other social media channels. According to research, you can reach up to 40% more people by ranking for hashtags.

When it comes to your Instagram SEO strategy, hashtags should never be an afterthought. Hashtags should be an integral part of your user engagement strategy.

Ranking metrics that are important for Instagram SEO

The engagement rate is a critical metric to optimize as you learn more about and optimize your Instagram SEO. It includes how many Instagram users like, comment, and save a post relative to the number of people who saw it.

In Instagram’s case, the average monthly engagement rate is 15.1%, so you may want to aim for at least this number. You should consider the following metrics to get an idea of your ranking:

      • Engaged audience
      • Number of engagements for each post
      • Number of reach for each post
      • Total number of posts
      • Rate of reach

    By combining these metrics, you will have a better idea of where you stand currently, so you can start cultivating a stronger relationship with your following.

    These five tips will help you boost your Instagram SEO with hashtags

    1. Get better at Instagram hashtags

    Cheat Sheet For Instagram SEO Including Instagram Hashtag Strategies

    You should rethink how you use hashtags. Having hashtag metrics is crucial to being found and contacted by others. Include hashtags relevant to your niche, branded hashtags, and general ranking hashtags to reach relevant users.

    By using hashtag tools such as Flick, you can develop your hashtags based on advanced metrics such as the Competition Score (easiness of ranking in top posts) and the Potential Reach Score (a rough estimation of the size of the market for a particular hashtag). The Flick app also allows you to organize hashtags in your library and get tailored suggestions.

    Regardless of your tools of choice, you should always research and collect keywords for future reference.

    2. Include relevant hashtags in your Instagram bio

    Cheat Sheet For Instagram SEO Including Instagram Hashtag Strategies

    Ensure that your Instagram username, display name, and bio are filled with relevant hashtags. Use hashtags that users can use to find you if they are searching for someone like you.

    If you are an artist, you could include hashtags like #womenwhopaint, #supportartists, or #paintergroup to attract other artists. You can search using advanced filters on Flick and get suggestions for adding relevant options to your bio.

    3. Engage your audience better.

    Cheat Sheet For Instagram SEO Including Instagram Hashtag Strategies

    @halotopcreamery, for example)

    Also, don’t forget to create engaging content. Use Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories to create content that’s easy to look at and easy to engage with. A great visual is only part of the equation; you also need a clear copy and the right hashtags. In addition to the Best Time to Post, you should schedule your posts based on when you’re most likely to see results.

    4. Improve SEO through Instagram Posting Strategies

    Cheat Sheet For Instagram SEO Including Instagram Hashtag Strategies

    @empiredsgnevent is an example.

    You can improve your reach with some advanced post strategies at the same time. These are some of the Instagram best practices you should be following:

            • Captions with hashtags: Include additional hashtags in your captions and first comments.
            • Using location tags: To improve your chances of being seen nearby, tag your posts with the location.
            • Using stories tags: Include mentions of other relevant users in your stories to spark conversations.
            • Use alt text: Include alt text in your visuals to increase visibility.

    Be sure to use these post strategies to give your content an extra boost.

    5. Monitor, analyze, and improve your content

    Cheat Sheet For Instagram SEO Including Instagram Hashtag Strategies

    You’re just human at the end of the day. The exact right strategy for Instagram can be tricky to determine. Because of this, you should use Analytics to get a complete picture. Keep track of your posts and stories, analyze your analytics, and improve your Instagram SEO strategy as you go.

    Optimizing Your Instagram SEO Strategy

    With this cheat sheet to Instagram SEO, you will be well on your way to success. In order to maximize your brand online, it’s vital to optimize your Instagram SEO and increase your engagement rate. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to keep up with the latest Instagram marketing trends.



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